In UNiDAYS we trust. They have been there for us through dark and difficult times. For those who have been living in a dark and damp cave then it is time to pack your bags and explore the hottest UNiDAYS discounts for financially starved students. A simple yet genius concept, it is a free platform which offers juicy discounts from clothing, lifestyle, food and more! Make uni more enjoyable with these hot deals...


From the scene Mean Girls, it is of the three female leads sitting in a pink convertible car saying the quote "get in loser, we're going shopping"

Forever 21


This is hot off the press and for a limited time too. Students can rejoice at the 21% discount (clever, huh) which includes sale items and free delivery. The story of Forever 21 and its growing success is the epitome of rags to riches. Founded in 1984 by the Korean couple, Won Chang and Jin Chang they started off with one store and one dream. It is now a multi-million-pound empire! What does this mean for students? Well, with the 21% discount you can be on point with the latest trends and embrace your quirky style! That is what the maintenance grant is for, right?


Apple Music


UNiDAYS and Apple are offering an impressive 3 months free subscription to Apple Music. Introducing students to an extensive library of music, 45 million, to be precise. It’s older brother, Spotify, has 35 million. Quite impressive considering Apple Music was 9 years late to the game. Therefore, if you have a shit-ton of deadlines or you are the designated pre-drinks DJ it might be worth checking out the UNiDAYs app and you can baffle your mates with exclusive playlists and endless tunes. Preferably not DJ Khaled. Thanks.


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Food shopping at uni can sometimes go two different ways. You are either the ultimate bargain hunter and can gather all the necessary groceries and spend as little as £15. Or, your food bill reaches new levels of staggering heights, which can leave your bank account confused and empty. Fear not, for the whole month of October students can get 10% off at Iceland. Already disgustingly cheap it is a great way to minimise any declined card moments. Also, their garlic bread pizza was actually created by angels - only £1 too! 




Hungover? Can’t move from your bed without throwing up your tainted soul? No food in the kitchen apart from out-of-date milk? Deliveroo is there for you. If cooking pasta is not your forte, then why not order it? The tasty deal on UNiDAYS entitles students to £6.50 off your first order. Better yet, your knight in a reflective jacket will deliver the goods in 32 minutes (Deliveroo says so) and you can, with glory, demolish your gourmet burger with chips.


From the Cartoon, King of the Hill, it is a GIF of a border line obese teenage eating crisps from his body, only using his tongue to put it in his mouth.


Pure Gym


OK, OK, let’s be honest. Being at Uni means eating a truckload of noodles, consuming gallons of beer and devouring cheesy chips on a drunk Friday night. The consequences? Fabulous rolls, baby. To be honest, I embrace my rolls but if you want to stay healthy and maintain some fitness then joining a gym might not be such a bad idea. Sign up with Pure Gym and UNiDAYS to receive £0 joining fee and 10% off! Noice.


NYX Cosmetics


NYX (pronounced niks, in case you didn’t know) has been a staple good in drugstores worldwide. Not only producing high-quality makeup, vibrant colours and shades but at an affordable price too. The beauty industry is roughly worth a staggering £346 billion. We luuurve our cosmetics. To embrace this, UNiDAYS is offering 10% off at NYX, so grab your lipsticks girls and boys and prepare to look fabulous.


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So being a student also means developing an intense love-hate relationship with books, especially when it comes from the much-feared (and ignored) reading list that your lecturer gives you. Every. Bloody. Week. Nonetheless, if you are failing at reading educational books, why not take yourself to Waterstones and enjoy the UNiDAYS 10% discount! If you need some positivity in your life, one book that is highly recommended is The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k. It is a great self-help guide and gets straight to the point - just what us students need.


So grab your maintenance loan and go wild, baby. With these discounts alone you will look and feel great. Unless you are like me and manage to go to the gym once every year (sorry, body). So if you want to join the fellow discount hunting students then register for your free UNiDAYS account today. Enjoy all year round discounts off your favourite brands. Halli

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