Are you one of the many people who begin a startup after graduating? Congratulations. But of course, the challenge now is to get your company noticed. If you've just started a business, you need to do everything you can to push your brand identity out there into the marketplace. You're just starting up so it's fair to say that few people know who you are and what you stand for. It's time to tell them. How do you tell them? Creating personalised envelopes is the perfect way to do it in a concise, affordable manner. They're a valuable tool for any small business.

Maybe you haven't thought about envelopes as a marketing tool to get your brand known. But they can be very successful. You can use them not only to send invoices by mail but also to get a promotional letter or flyer across to people. All with your brand identity clearly visible. So here's why you should consider personalised envelopes for your small business.


A graphic image of a colourful envelope.


Envelopes are highly customisable

Like we mentioned, when you're just starting your business you need to do everything you can to get yourself recognised. Getting lost in a sea of other normal brown and white envelopes in your customers' daily mail delivery are not the way to do it. The envelope is your blank canvas, let your creativity flow! You'll be amazed at the impact such a seemingly small thing can have. Use personalised envelopes and discover there's a reason why every big business has branded stationary.


Personalised envelopes are convenient

If you're just starting out no doubt storage space is at a premium and marketing materials like posters and brochures can eat up a lot of your room before you know it. Personalised envelopes, on the other hand, take up next to no space at all. For the benefits, they provide you in terms of getting your brand identity out there into the world all they ask in return is a little bit of shelf/drawer space. It's a trade-off weighed in your favour.


Specialised envelopes are affordable

Getting personally branded stationery and marketing materials are always going to be an extra cost, but personalised envelopes remain a highly appealing investment when cash is otherwise tight as you begin building your business. For the returns, they offer over a normal envelope in terms of making sure your brand and business identity is always visible, the extra cost is purely marginal. Also, think about buying in bulk to save money.

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