If you are also a fan of the sun, the beach, the festive atmosphere, tapas and sangria, then there is only one destination where you can study: Spain. Many cities of the Iberian Peninsula will satisfy all your desires and will allow you to reconcile studies while living at one hundred per hour. Here are some places you might like.

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The international city where you can find the best places to party. It is full of bars of all kinds, ranging from the simple Irish pub to the completely unusual bar, like the Ice Bar where you can enjoy cocktails in a temperature of -5 degrees. There are many ways to party at low prices, such as free lists which allows you to enter in the best clubs of Barcelona for free or agencies specializing in booking the best VIP tables. On the education side, get ready to meet students from all over the world but above all get ready to learn to speak Catalan ... most of the courses are taught in this language. Unfortunately, rents are almost unaffordable, so prepare to break your student loan plan.


Of course, we can not mention THE Spanish capital, which holds the best nightlife on the Peninsula. All students who go to study there come out conquered. This can be understood by the multitude of tapas bars, clubs and concert halls that welcome merry revellers until 6am or 7am. The plus: we never get bored, there are always all kinds of events to attend. The bad point: in summer, the city turns into a real oven!


Valencia is a nice city to study: the rents are relatively cheap, the city is not invaded by tourists, the beaches are beautiful the sand is more beautiful than the love of your life. There are many places to go out, all more beautiful than the others, and thanks to the mild climate, the majority of the venues are in the open air. The little extra: the event of the year, Las Fallas, during which you can party for a whole month. The bad point: public transport that dates back to the 17th Century and does not run after 2am.


If you are an extrovert and you like to meet people, Seville is the city for you, the natives being very open and welcoming. Sevillian gastronomy is rich in flavours and diversity, its historic centre is thriving with culture. To put it simply, it's beautiful. And you can never complain about the weather. Something us British are incredibly skilled in. Two public universities will open their doors: the University of Seville and the University Pablo de Olavide. The little extra: you will be tanned all year thanks to the everlasting sun that never wishes to leave. The bad point: the high unemployment rate makes it difficult to seek a job after your studies, so be warned.

BONUS: If you are an Erasmus student in Spain, take the opportunity to go on holiday or weekend in these two cities that you might like:


Ibiza, AKA, the capital of the festival: you will not know where to turn when choosing what party to go to next. If you are a big party animal, you will certainly be conquered; the party is in full swing around the clock with constant day pool parties. In addition to that, The beach parties start in the early evening and the mythical nightclubs come to life in the night such as Amnesia, Ushuaia or still the Pasha. Good deal: be sure to contact party organisers to ensure it is booked safely and securely.


It is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, thanks to its famous Alhambra Palace, which is the most visited Palace in the country. If you are looking for tranquillity and you like exploring you will have many things to do there. Enjoy a flamenco show, admire the sunset from the "miradores", taste the specialities of the city, relax and enjoy a good hammam (a Turkish bar to you and I) in the Arab baths... Granada is the city for in love with the simple things of life.

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