What is Movember? Well, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, its time to grow a mo and save a fellow bro. Since 2003, Movember Foundation has been an international phenomenon, raising money and awareness in mental health, prostate and testicular cancer. Did you know every minute a man loses his life to suicide? Yeah, I didn’t too. So, what can we do to help? Well, we can spread the mo’s across the workplace so men around the globe can lead happier, healthier and most importantly, longer lives. You and I can do just that by pinning down every colleague with a suitable level of moustache-growing-testosterone and encouraging them to take part in Movember.


Understand how the power of the mo can truly save a bro


Reasons for Movember Foundation’s success is the passion, dedication and sheer willpower that has been injected into the entire community. But it is also bittersweet. This unbreakable strength came from earth-shattering moments, impacting the lives of fathers, sons, and good friends.


I was doing a bit of research and decided to look at the Movember’s FB page, in particular, the reviews. It was enough to make me understand the true power behind Movember Foundation. Here take a look -


“Lost my dad to suicide two years ago on the 9th of November, he needed to talk but didn't and I wish I had known. what your doing is amazing and will help stop people going through what me and my sister are trying to deal with”.


So what can we do? Let’s prolong the lives of our strong men and hold out a hand for the people who have lost their loved ones. I hope you now understand the power of the mo too.


Is your workplace full of moody and mo hating people? Inspire!


Let’s be honest here, the moustache has been on an unpredictable journey of worldwide love, to worldwide hatred. The 70’s involved the likes of Tom Selleck, (Dr Richard Burke from Friends for you and I) rocking the tash, to the 40’s where the tash was pretty much feared worldwide. Well…if you studied history, I can let you finish the sentence in your head. Naturally, work colleagues will express utter distaste when you approach them to let the mo, grow. How can you do it? Well, the Movember Foundation has kindly put together a list of ways to inspire and encourage fellow work colleagues to take part.  

    • Shave Down - This happens on the 1st of November, and you gather round all your hairy friends, commence the shave down, resulting in nice clean-shaven faces, allowing the moustache to flourish and grow.
    • Pub Quiz - Nortious for bringing people together, so why not host a pub quiz? Make it tash-themed, share drinks and gather round those donations!
  • Make it known - Of course, with your Manager’s permission, go bloody wild with promoting Movember around the workplace. BHP, the global resources company showcases an excellent example of this. They sent daily emails, placed awareness posters, everywhere and taught their colleagues why taking part in Movember can make a great impact.


Homer Simpson displaying different tattoos


Growing a mo can increase sexual prosperity, among over things


That has caught your attention, hasn’t it? And if you are still struggling to convince your fellow colleagues to grow a moustache, tell them that their new found attractiveness will make the ladies swoon over their beautifully grown mo’s. To coincide with Movember, there is also a Have Sex With a Guy With a Moustache Day, which takes place on 18th of November, giving you plenty of time to grow that sexy mo.

Growing a moustache can also decrease the chances of cancer, the hairy layer protects your skin from the ultraviolet rays, therefore fighting against skin cancer, hooray for the moustache!

Also, growing a moustache can kickstart conversations. You see someone at work rocking the Dali, the Handlebar or even the Painter’s Brush and you can be like: “Yo bro, loving the Dali!”.


Here are some mo maintaining tips to spread around the office


Let’s paint the picture, there is a work colleague, it’s 14 days in and he can’t take it anymore. The itchiness is unbearable, his lunch is trapped between the hairs and he can no longer walk past a school. He has become a fallen comrade. Fear not, you, the guardian angel, can provide golden moustache advice.

  • Pull through - give your work buddy a motivational slap and tell him to ride it out!


  • Shampoo the mo - wash with warm water and keep your mo shampooed. Keeping it clean is vital, it can collect every grain of breakfast, lunch and dinner!


  • Invest in a fine tooth comb - style your mo to ensure it doesn’t look weird, funny or scary.


A staggering £50.2 million was raised in November 2017. Join the army of mo bros and your project will help mental health projects for suicide awareness, providing health support and investing in projects to prolong men’s lives. Therefore, to articulate all you mo growing bros,  the wise words of historical Chinese teacher, Confucius, once said:


“A man without a moustache is a man without a soul”


Written by Megan Bryant, an Online Marketer at StudentJob. Looking for a job but not sure where to start? Our application tips talks in great detail about how to create an effective cv, cover letter and how to be a boss at interviews!


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