Dear Hannah,

You have no idea what is about to happen, it’s funny really, as you think you do. You’re 20, excited to explore the world after a few years at university, you are desperate to head out into the real world and figure out what it has to offer. You want to become a ‘proper’ adult and live the life you’ve seen in shows like The Hills or movies like Devil Wears Prada (NEWSFLASH, it’s nothing like that). You have an idea of what the next year looks like, but let me tell you, you couldn’t be more wrong. So, buckle up, get your notebook out and listen, never stop listening.

You will start your intern journey slowly, as expected, but then you will meet people along the way that open your eyes to new ways of thinking, working and acting. You’ll fall in love with those people and crave those kinds of connections for a very long time after your intern days are over. You’ll meet more people who inspire you over the next 18 months than you could have ever of dreamed possible. So, don’t take those opportunities or people for granted, they will serve you well later on in life.

You’ll be scared, and feel out of your comfort zone, you’ll laugh and feel part of a team, you’ll doubt yourself and be tired, really really tired. But know it’s all worth it, what you’re doing now will serve you well upon graduation. The little nuggets of information you are currently soaking in will be extremely helpful to your 24-year-old self.

Don’t be narrow-minded, don’t take the conventional route, be open, really really open and say yes to everything you get offered (within reason). The end result won’t be what you expected, it’ll be better, so trust your instinct, do things for you and no one else and enjoy it.

Keep your ears, eyes and mind open… remember to not compare yourself, keep your head down and focus, you won’t get this opportunity again so make it count.

Have the time of your life, it’ll be over before you know it.

Good luck,


24 years old.

Hannah is the founder of The Intern 24/7. The Intern 24/7 is a personal blog turned website that shares insights from young individuals navigating the realities of being a young adult in the interning/working world.

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