What Made me Choose to go to University?


Going to university always felt like it was part of the plan, I’m not sure if that was due to my parents being in education or the fact it was kind of ‘expected’ throughout school. Based on interests and my school choices I decided that fashion business was for me and that I’d commit myself to 4 years of university in order to land that ‘dream job’. The fashion empire is a competitive one, with many describing it as an incredibly hard industry to get into. With that said, and the rise of the university fees in the UK, I knew I had to go to a university that supports and encourages work. Whether that be gaining internship experiences or life after graduation.

Although I knew from college that I had an interest in writing, fashion and business, I wasn’t sure what that looked like in the working world. I wasn’t aware of a pathway that would enable me to get a job in the industry, therefore I thought that university would be a great place to start, and for me I was right. I picked a course that would allow me to learn about all the roles in industry and that it would open me up to a network of former industry professionals. I was excited to learn from real people who had been out in the world and work in the job I wanted to do.

University allowed me to not only to meet a cohort of people that had similar interests to me, but it allowed me to envision ‘future me’. The team of lecturers on the course were able to offer solid advice on what the next 10 years would look like in my career. This vision played a huge factor in my decision to go to university.


Your brain when the future looks bright af.

What are the Valuable Things I Have Gained from University?


Then came the studying, looking back on my time at university now, I fully appreciate how many skills I adopted there that benefit my career today. Whether that be presentations, essay writing, sending emails to group work. Additionally, learning to concentrate on a set task and complete it with little to no time at all were all skills that serve me well today. It was the perfect opportunity to develop the skills that I would need to use on a day to day basis upon graduation.

Going to university isn’t for all, and nor should it be. Some industries are practical and are better learnt on the job.  For me, University was a lot more than learning my industry and completing essays and coursework, it was the opportunity to gain work experience, make connections, learn the skills and build the confidence I need to go out there and grab the career I want with both hands.

I will always be grateful to my university for that, university at times is a scary, stressful place, but looking back on it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hannah Rafter

Hannah is the founder of The Intern 24/7. The Intern 24/7 is a personal blog turned website that shares insights from young individuals navigating the realities of being a young adult in the interning/working world.

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