The fact of the matter is that unless you have fallen into a huge pile of cash, you'll need to get a job to support yourself after graduation. Job and income security is definitely a hot button topic in today's world. With so many people vying for a limited number of jobs, the competition is stiff. With that being said, there are certain professions and jobs which are in high demand and are sure to be in high demand for the next several decades at the very least.

Whether you study online or on campus, it's wise to go into a field that has a high demand for new workers and professionals. This will help ensure that you will always find a job in the career field or your choosing. It's all about financial and job security for the future. What are some of the safest and most in-demand jobs in the UK? Let's talk about some safe career fields you can go into after taking an online class.


1. Delivery & Logistics Management


One type of online class you can take for a good future is that of management , particularly logistics management centered around delivery services. More and more, people are doing their shopping online, which means that someone needs to deliver those products to the shipping address. The fact here is that millions of people order several million products online on a daily basis.

No, you don't have to be a delivery driver, but you can certainly manage the logistical side of things for any given company. Sure, companies like Amazon are starting to use delivery drones, but those still require humans to operate, control, and program them, for the most part. This is a career that can easily generate £ 40,000 or more.


2. Cyber ​​Security


Did you know that there are plenty of  cyber security jobs out there, as well as tons or online cyber security courses? This is currently one of the safest, best paying, and in-demand jobs in the UK right now. Guys, everything is being done online, and that goes for marketing and sales, to data collection, taxes and payments or all sorts, and so much more.

Literally, everything is being done online, which also gives criminals the opportunity to steal all kind of personal and financial data, and money as well. Where there are thieves, there need to be guardians, and that guardian could be you, the cyber security expert, making a cool £ 30,000 a year at the very least. It's a safe and steady professional to see if the demand for cyber security is only increasing. There are also steps which businesses can follow to minimise cybersecurity threatsPoison



3. Healthcare


It is not a secret that the UK is in dire need of more nurses, tens or thousands of them in fact. Besides nurses, there are literally dozens, if not hundreds of other healthcare related professions that you can go into, most of which are in high demand. If you want to be a nurse, it is certainly convenient that there are so many online nursing courses out there. No, you cannot become a full-fledged doctor or surgeon with an online nursing degree, but it is certainly a great start.

Nursing jobs are hard to fill and they are in high demand, as well, there does not seem to be an end to sight for this nursing shortage, thus making it an in demand and secure professional avenue for you to follow. Nurses start out at around £ 26,000 a year, but with some more specialized training, you can multiply that number many times over.


4. Chef


If you have a talent or passion for cooking, you might want to consider starting an online cooking or chef's course . Yes, this is a hard professional, but there are always opportunities for advancement. When it comes to job search, chef positions or all sorts are in high demand. A culinary arts career might be right for you.

Generally speaking, many chef position advertisements stay vacant for 2 months or more, which show just how in demand these jobs are. Yeah, chefs start out at just around £ 18,000 per year, but there are opportunities to advance and make much more money than that, not to mention that people always love to eat out, so there is certainly not going to be a shortage in this field anytime soon.




5. Engineering


Another in-demand job out there is that of the engineer, and there are all kids or online engineering classes out there. The fact of the matter is that there are many different kinds of engineering or engineering you can go into.

This includes sales engineering, software engineering, electrical, civil, and environmental engineers too. With so many different options to go with and so many vacancies across all of them, it will be harder to find a job than to find one. Engineers make some pretty decent money too, so that's always a bonus as well.


The UK & In-Demand Jobs


The bottom line is that we have only listed 5 of the most in-demand jobs in the UK right now, but there are so many more to go with. When it comes down to it, if you are looking for job security, there are literally hundreds of professions that are in demand and always looking for new workers, plus ones that pay well too. Start with an online course and go from there!

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