In today's world, it's become harder to get a job especially for students with little to no experience. Below are four ways you can become more employable whilst at university to increase your chances of landing your dream job. 

Have a Professional Online Presence

Thanks to the internet, everything about us can be found in a matter of seconds. So, when employers get a new batch of applications the first thing they do is become stalkers and check everyone's social media accounts. It’s understandable as our social media is a representation of ourselves. However, the girl on Saturday night completely off her face is not the girl that’s going to show up to work.

If your social media is just a series of pictures that gradually shows all the bad decisions you made on a night out then it’s best to set your accounts to private. Better yet, if you haven’t already, create a free LinkedIn profile. It’s a professional account and if optimised it can make you more successful when searing for a job.

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Network! Network! Network!

It’s important that you start networking with people whilst you're at university. It’s a great way to get your name out there and broaden your horizons. Many universities have events dedicated to networking like career fairs. However, you can also network at guests speaker or company events. During those events, you can hand out your CV, talk to potential employers and get to know more about the industry you want to work in!

Networking doesn’t have to be done physically either. You can use your social media accounts, especially LinkedIn, to contact companies and people that could be beneficial in helping you get closer to your dream job.

Join a Society

Now there are two kinds of people. The first ones are members of over 50 societies and still find time to get their work done and have a social life. The second don’t participate in anything and rush straight home after a lecture to the warmth of their bed. All my friends are the first kind and I’m the second. Because of that, I’ve realised how advantageous it is to join a society.

Many of my friends had zero work experience but being in a society made them more employable and helped them secure internships and jobs. I, on the other hand, struggled to get a job as all I did was study (and watch Netflix religiously). Therefore, if you’ve never had a job before it shows employers that you’re a well-rounded individual who participates and has interests. You can join any society, however, societies closely related to your course or sports societies tend to be better as it shows that you have knowledge about your chosen career.

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Get a Job

It goes without saying, but having a job is one of the best ways to improve your employability. Since university life can be stressful I recommend getting a part time job instead of working full time. It allows you to balance studying, work and you’ll also have time left over to socialise. Having a job is great because you can gain transferrable skills such as time-management. It also shows employers that you are someone motivated and dependable. Plus, it’s a great way to gain some extra income to support yourself whilst your studying. Check out the vacancies we have and you’ll be one step closer towards securing a job.

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