Starting university can be both an exciting and stressful time. From choosing the course you are going to study - trying to work out where you are going to study. It can often be many people's first time living away from home. There is no question that university can be expensive, but there are also many methods of making those enjoyable three or four years easier by looking to keep your costs to a minimum in terms of your accommodation, expenses, and car insurance.

Living at home? 

There are several different positives and negatives or living with your family while at university. The positives are that your bills and accommodation will be significantly lower than, say, stay in a hall of residence or any rented student accommodation. As university expenses skyrocket, more and more students are choosing to remain at home and commute the short distances to local universities.

However, if public transport links in the area are not up to scratch, it can often mean that the purchase or a car will be necessary. Purchase of a vehicle and car insurance doesn't have to be the expensive task that is made out to be. There are also many great deals for young drivers available online. Alternatively, living at home can deny you or that much-needed independence that you would get from living by yourself for the first time, and experiencing all those exciting things that come with moving.


Moving out? 

If you're considering moving out for university, we're planning on moving to another area of ​​the country. You've got your heart set on moving away, making new friends, and becoming your true self. But what about Christmas, New year and all those holidays when you want to make it home? Having a reliable insured vehicle will save you a lot of money instead of using planes, trains and other cars to get back for Christmas. 

Students and Car Insurance

It is often the case that the most expensive car insurance is for young people with the lowest income; students. As younger drivers often struggle to get cheaper car insurance, the important decisions that count towards their future become more and more financially motivated. They react instead to feasibility and practicality, rather than deciding to follow the path of their favourite university course.

So, whether you're choosing to stay at home and make the most of financial incentives, or fly the nest with your pals at your dream university, there's no reason why the other areas of your life have to be expensive.

There are many other ways students can help reduce their insurance premiums too, from becoming a third party driver on their parent's vehicle, to getting a black box installed on their car - or just completing a Pass Plus course to ensure they're as safe and experienced as they can be while on the roads. You'll have heard the phrase 'less is more' in many different environments. When it comes to car insurance for students it's the other way around - more proof that you are a safety conscious car owner, means fewer outgoings, as time goes on.

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