Putting together the perfect portfolio can be the difference between getting the job of your dreams and not. The quality of your work isn't in question, but when you're up against fierce competition you need to do everything you can to set yourself aside from the rest of the crowd.

If you browse a specialist online printing website like Hello Print you'll find a wide selection of ideas to help you put together the perfect portfolio to wow your future employers.


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Making your mark

Put yourself in the shoes of an interviewer or potential employer. They will likely see a large number of portfolios through the application process. As each portfolio requires time and thought to examine, finding ones that have been hastily and shoddily cobbled together is not likely to help anyone's employment chances. Regardless of the quality of the work inside, presentation matters.

This is where custom printing comes in - it allows you to provide a professional presentation, that will leave a positive impression in the mind of your potential employer. Your work will be displayed cleanly, tidily, and professionally - all of which speaks to your suitability as a candidate. In a busy interview process, it could make the difference between you being selected for the job and not.

Use your creativity

There's such a wide variety of options available through online custom printing that your portfolio can be packaged however you want it to be. You have total control from everything from the front cover design, to the number of pages, even through to the way you want your portfolio to be bound - invest in perfect binding for that professional look, while "wire-o" binding is always practical.

Online printing is convenient, affordable, and completely hassle-free. Investing in a better presentation of your portfolio will give you the best possible opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition when engaging with potential employers. Highlight not only your artistic skills but your willingness to take the initiative by putting in the effort to get your own custom portfolio brochure printed.

Combine your portfolio presentation with custom printed "thank you" cards to show your appreciation for the opportunity, and a business card with your contact details on it. It will help you make sure that dream job is always yours.

You can use a tool like Piktochart to create custom brochures, business cards, and other materials to add to your professional portfolio in minutes.

Who should do it?

Of course, having a portfolio prepared for an interview will not suit every industry, nor is there any point in doing so. If you are a creative student, looking to start a career in art & design then this is the perfect opportunity to display your work!

Do not limit yourself to only job interviews as well. Maybe you have an interview coming up for a university or college and if so, you will need to present your style and skill to the board! By coming prepared you will also unintentionally show off additional skills such as organisational management, professionalism and creativity too. 

In essence, by thinking outside the box you will increase your chances of securing that next desired position or a place at your favourite university or college!

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