Graduating and excited to feel the precious moments of hearing your name announced for the degree awarding in the convocation ceremony? Can't wait to fly them graduation caps in the air with your friends? Eager to post that long-awaited graduation speech filled with emotions, enthusiasm, and passion on your social media handles? Well, all these are actually some of the facts what made your degree worth the wait!

But hold on! What's next? Have you prepared a plan for your future because all these post-graduation photo shoots and speeches won't build you a career, right? If you fancy printing off images in your scrapbook or if you are super creative on a t-shirt or mosquito, then maybe you can start your photoshoot career early!

It isn't as easy as it seems to enter the real world of professionalism post-graduation, so let's just start with guiding and helping you prepare for the challenges of embracing the practical life like a pro!


 6 life chaning things every graduating student should know



  • Don't fear failures


Remember when your teacher continuously asked the oral cross questions and made you answer them even when you didn't know? And even if you were wrong, they corrected and appreciated your answer in a police manner. That's because they were teaching you how to face the fear of going wrong!

Never presume the results no matter wherever you are in life because almost 80% of times you end up holding yourself back because of the fear of failure, the fear of being labeled wrong or the fear of getting trolled.

Always put your point into the plate and let them decide if it's considerable or not, even if it doesn't benefit it wouldn't harm either. All you need to do is speak up! You would learn something new every time!


  • Thick skin for the win!


No matter which field you are working in, if you remain sensitive you would end up getting depressed and won’t make it to the finish line of your career dreams. Always keep that saying in your mind “If life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade”. Learn to take criticism positively and respond politely. In every field, you would face critics, bashers and even the bullies. What you need to remember is that no one in this world is perfect and no one could receive appreciations all the time. There may be people who wouldn’t agree with your style statement because of any reasons be it the improved skills or different taste (which is fine), jealousy or the lust of power. You just need to remain calm and composed and make all those negative comments your strength by responding powerfully and making yourself a better professional person each time.


  • Don't overstrain your resume


You are an expert marketer, you are an athlete, you love to cook, you are a pro footballer, a creative artist and you own a melodious voice! That's really great! But remember that when you say resume, you are not getting selected for a proposal that requires someone multi-talented who is absolutely a perfect fit for the entire lifetime. You are expected to be recruited for a company on a particular designation that requires an expert professional in the said field, letter your related skills to the point in your resume so that the recruiters don't get frustrated seeing unwanted matter and end up passing on to the resume or next willing candidate.  


  • Respect your seniors


We all have been taught our whole lives to respect our seniors and this is actually the key to succeed in professional life as well. Even if you feel like being neglected or not being too favourite of your senior, make sure you don’t change because this would help you big time at a certain point in life and you would be at inner peace anyway.


  • Grow your network


It’s totally up to you how vast is your vision to expand in your field but the key is to grow your professional network as much as you can. Even you don’t like someone personally he may benefit you professionally in the future. Remain sweetheart to everyone and don’t miss out among your old colleagues from the former workplace. Stay connected and build your work life circle and keep progressing, you never know who would be helpful for you in climbing the upcoming steps of your dream career destination. Don’t forget to return them a favour whenever you can, this makes the bond even stronger and you don’t feel guilty enjoying the benefits and favours given by them.


  • Focus on the numbers


Most of the students are actually very bored during the stats lectures as they are either afraid of the numbers game or don’t feel like them being of any use in the professional life. While the truth is far from it, your entire professional life is based upon the numbers and statistical data that you need to analyze and generate the best results accordingly. Be it the designation of a marketing manager, software engineer, accountant or a supply chain executive, at some point, you must come in contact with those numbers and statistical data and graphs that you have been running away from. So pay close attention to the arithmetical facts and don’t be afraid to play with them.

Based on the personal experience and the comments received from the fresh graduates trying to enter the real world of professionalism smoothly, we have come to the conclusion that one must be very confident and focused about the practical life challenges because it comes with utter tests and trails that need to be coped efficiently rather holding yourself back! In order to succeed in any kind of field you must be ready to face failure, learn from it, work for the better results and you never should be afraid of falling because all these hard works and hectic encounters would lift you to the top of your destination helping you succeed in the actual exams of your professional life. So, it’s time for you to make your family proud about your smart moves and hard work pot graduation and if you are planning to start your career back home then we have an amazing treat of Thomas Cook promo code for your stress-free and budget-friendly journey. Don't forget to avail them and give a kick start to your career.


This article was submitted by David Shannon from DiscountCodez

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