Once the college is over, the primary focus of almost every graduate student is to get a job that they would enjoy and be proud of. You might have relevant academic qualifications and all the skills required to grab a particular position. But, to beat the competition, you need to work on other important aspects such as well, and a professional CV tops the list. Since the CV is often the first impression a prospective employer has of you, it should be well-crafted and robust enough to grasp the employer's attention. While you can take the help of Resume Chief that provides premium resume services, you might be surprised to know that LinkedIn can also help you custom-build your resume according to the open opportunities.  

Social media is taking almost every industry by storm and talent acquisition is no exception. Many recruiters now use LinkedIn to find talent for their organizations. So, to build connections with them, you should have a well-built LinkedIn profile in the first place. It will help potential employers find and connect with you. But, how can you use LinkedIn to boost your CV and cover letter?

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Well, following are the five ways you can use LinkedIn to your advantage:

  • Find new job opportunities

You might already be aware of that from making connections, LinkedIn also helps us find new jobs. Recruiters often use this platform to post new job opportunities so that the aspiring candidates become aware of them and put forward their applications. But how can it help you boost your resume? Well, job listings on LinkedIn also come with a job description - a summary of your job duties and responsibilities, if chosen for that position. These details will help you tailor your resume accordingly. If you craft your resume while keeping these details in mind, this will strengthen your chances or getting hired.


  • Get an idea from other professionals.

If you are not sure how to accurately represent your knowledge and work experience on your resume, take a glance at the LinkedIn profiles or other successful professionals in your field. Indeed, you need to have an outstanding LinkedIn profile to make such connections. See how they have described their work and how it can help you portray yourself most effectively. LinkedIn is a permanent pool of professionals so you will find a lot of examples that will help you move in the right direction.


  • Include the right skills according to a particular job

Customizing your CV for a specific job role is often very challenging. You need to make sure that you are mentioning all the skills required to fulfill a particular job duty. On the other hand, mentioning skills that are not relevant to a specific job role will only distract the employer. But how would you know which skills you should include in your CV and which not? Through LinkedIn, or course! See the skills other professionals in your desired role have mentioned on their LinkedIn profile. You can take inspiration from them and add skills accordingly.


  • Correlate your LinkedIn headline and CV summary

To make your resume appear more credible, make sure to mention your LinkedIn profile on it. Also, align the content or your resume summary with your LinkedIn headline and description to strengthen the employer's trust in you. Correlating your CV and LinkedIn content will help you communicate your brand effectively, and the employer will be able to understand what position you are mainly targeting for.


  • Connect with a professional resume writer

LinkedIn is a vast marketplace where businesses, professionals and aspiring candidates connect. And if you want real help to build your CV, try connecting with a professional CV writer. He has sufficient knowledge, skills and tips to help you make your CV and cover letter stand out, both of which are essential parts of the hiring process. Don’t hesitate to ask him specific questions regarding CV building that you are doubtful about.

The Bottom Line

Just like your resume, your LinkedIn profile also means a lot to your employer. Hence, your LinkedIn profile should perfectly demonstrate your career history and future aspirations. A professional LinkedIn profile along with a strong resume will not only help you land your dream job but it also encourages you to build a network of like-minded professionals that may help you throughout your career. So, make sure to update it regularly. If you don't know how to market yourself through this fantastic platform, you can ask for the help of a LinkedIn profile creation service. This service helps aspiring candidates, like you, to build an outstanding LinkedIn profile that leads to success.

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