For students looking for a job, typically there are a couple of main things that they are looking for. First, it needs to be flexible in order to work with their school schedule and allow them study time, and second, it needs to pay them well enough that they can afford to continue on with their studies. While that may seem like a small list of priorities, often it can be hard to find a job that checks off both those boxes.

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The great news for students is that the job landscape has really changed over the past 10 years, in large part due to technology. Today, you can actually work a job right from your own home, cutting out commute time and expenses, allowing you to also set your own hours depending on the position. It’s truly the ideal option for busy students who need to maintain flexibility with their schedule, but ensure they’re making an income.

So, what’s the average salary of these remote student jobs in Euros? Because the value of the Euro is always changing, it’s a good idea to check the average exchange rate on any job, as this will give you the most accurate picture. We’ve also put together a list of some of the most common remote student jobs, along with their average salary.

Online Tutor

As far as the most common remote jobs for students go, an online tutor is right near the top of the list. The fact is that online tutors are needed for all grade levels, so there is bound to be one you feel comfortable teaching. Typically, the tutoring is done by video chat, email, or by phone, so working remotely is quite simple. The only thing you want to be mindful of is the time zone in which your students will be based, as this will obviously affect what hours you work. The annual average salary for an online tutor is €31,325.

Customer Service Representative

As a customer service representative, it will be your job to respond to customer enquiries and comments. This is typically done through email, online chat, social media, or by phone, which is why it's such an ideal remote job. Some of the questions you may be asked include questions about a company's policies such as shipping and returns, product-related questions, warranty questions, etc. This position has an annual average salary of €32,996.

Virtual Assistant

Here's another job that you can thank technology for its emergence, as now virtual assistants exist. In this job, you will be acting as an administrative assistant to a company, team, or even an individual, but all in a virtual sense. You’ll perform all the typical duties of an administrative assistant from your own remote office. As for the annual average salary, this one pays €30,978.

A Small Look at the Options

This is just a small look at the many remote job options that are available to students nowadays, opening all kinds of doors in terms of employment, income, and experience opportunities.

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