The pressure of going to university can feel so immense that you forget to consider alternative options. Do you find yourself asking, “is university right for me?” If the answer is no, then there are several other ways to further your education and still reach your dream career. You may want to close the door to university, but when a door closes another one opens.

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Get paid, get a degree and finish debt free!

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, you’re not dreaming; degree apprenticeships do exist. They are a great opportunity to study for a degree and get hands-on experience while being paid. They are available in vocational subjects that demand a higher level of study such as nursing, engineering and business management. Unlike university, you don’t have to pay any tuition fees. You can also apply for a higher apprenticeship, where you work towards a Higher National Diploma or a Foundation Degree. These are the equivalent to the first and second year of a degree. Debt free… what a way to kickstart your career!


Started from the bottom, now I’m here…

Climbing the career ladder from the bottom to the top has its benefits. You can get to know a company better, build relationships within the industry and network in an area you are passionate about. Higher education qualifications are sometimes required. However, employers may also be interested in your qualifications and prior any work experience. The most important thing is that you’re in a job that you can see a future in. If you need some help finding the right career you can check out the Ansbury Guidance website. Or check out Student Jobs UK for vacancies specifically for young professionals.     


Not quite ready for work?

Do not fret, ever heard of traineeships? They are a brilliant way to gain work experience, as well as support with your Maths and English skills. You don’t get paid for a traineeship, but the skills you can gain can lead you onto bigger opportunities without having to take the university route.


Are you a budding entrepreneur?

Starting your own business or going freelance does require a lot of time and determination, but it can be extremely rewarding. This may work best for those who prefer to work independently or as a side project along part-time work. As a budding entrepreneur you might have all the ideas, creativity and drive, but no money. Why not look for funding opportunities or networking events for entrepreneurs so you can get your foot in the door.


Want to make a difference?

Volunteering is a great way to make a difference to the lives of those around you, and in turn your own life. There are loads of volunteering opportunities available. Start by looking at your interests, hobbies or what you feel you can give and achieve. You can gain lifelong skills, treasured work experience and impress employers by taking the time out to help others. You can even try something new, or volunteer abroad. The choices are endless! If you need support on where to start looking for volunteer opportunities check out Face Forward (in Dorset UK), they help and support young people get on track.


Need some time to yourself?

If you’re not sure what you want to do in the future, there’s no rush. Taking a gap year can open up a world of opportunities. Don’t let the pressure of higher education lure you into a rushed decision. A gap year can offer opportunities such as travelling, working full-time to save money and to gain work experience, and even starting your own business. Treat the year as a blank canvas and paint your own opportunities.


Ansbury Guidance has expert experience and skills in bespoke careers support. That means support for young people and adults that suits your needs. Whether it is CV writing, interview or job search skills. Ansbury Guidance provides professional careers guidance.

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