Summer is just around the corner! Finally, we can put away our oversized coats, kiss goodbye to the gray skies and start enjoying the sun. Fingers crossed we get more than 2 weeks or sun this year. But, before summer, here it is important to do a few things in advance. Here are four ways to prepare yourself for the summer holidays to ensure you enjoy it to the fullest!

Know What You're Going to Do When University Finishes

Get everything in order before you finish university for the summer. If you have to move out of your current accommodation then make sure you have a place to stay. Or, if you're an international student going home for the summer make sure you keep your belongings safe by storeroom. Thankfully, LOVESPACE can help. LOVESPACE will collect your boxes and other items such as guitars, suitcases and bikes from your door. They will then store them in their secure CCTV monitored storage facilities and whenever you want your stuff back they will deliver to anywhere in the UK.

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Plan for Any Holidays You're Taking

Prices tend to go up during the summer, so if you want to go on an affordable holiday I recommend you book everything in advance. Google is your best friend when it comes to booking holidays, along with sites like Skyscanner. Never settle for the first offer you see and have a little browse for cheaper options before settling on one.

By booking flights and accommodation in advance not only are you saving money, but you also have enough time to save money for the holiday. That way you can afford to go on vacation without breaking the bank.

Do you live in shared accommodation or simply have items that you worry might be stolen? Store them for the duration you are away and have a stress free holiday.

Create a List of Things You Want to Do

The main problem some of us have over the summer is finding things to do. Either because we have no money or simply can’t think of fun activities. As a result, we stay cooped up at home, wishing that summer was finally over to put an end to our misery. Okay, a tad dramatic. But, the days do become unbearably long. This can be prevented by creating a list a few months in advance of things you want to do over the summer.

The list will help you organise everything you want to do, that way you can ask your friends if they want to join you, and you can see whether you need to start saving money to afford to do everything.

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Get a Summer Job

If you know you're going to have a lot of free time over the summer, or simply because to earn some extra money, then consider getting a summer job! It's a great way to get some additional work experience and save up for university. You don't have to get a simple job either. There are plenty of fun summer jobs you can do, or you can do an internship instead. Internships allow you to get more professional work experience and are great ways to test out your interests.

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