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So you want to know how to make money as a student?

If you are looking for a bit of extra income to fuel your pizza or cocktail habits, then it may be worth finding a part-time job while you're at uni. Making money as a student is extremely useful, but it can sometimes be hard to know what jobs are best for students, particularly if you have lots of uni work which takes up most of your time. Websites such as Student Job are fantastic for finding part-time work, but what sort of jobs should you be looking for? Here is our top 5 list of the best jobs you can get as a student. 


1. Events

Event jobs are a perfect fit for students: They are short-term, occur on weekends or evenings, and require little (if any) experience. Companies such as High Society are constantly looking for bar staff, waiting staff, or ushers for their events. The best thing about these jobs is that they take place in some amazing locations, from Ascot, to the Natural History Museum, and even the Royal Albert Hall. You are basically being paid to visit tourist attractions!  These jobs are fantastic for students; they are very flexible and simple, and a good way to bring in extra money. £8-11 / hour


2. Flyering

If you like to spend your time outdoors, then flyering could be the job for you. Many companies, such as StreetPR, hire students to hand out flyers and leaflets for different brands. This is a very social job, giving you the chance to talk to the public, practice your salesmanship, and meet many new friends/colleagues. Some flyering jobs even offer the opportunity to work in sports stadiums such as the new Tottenham Hotspur ground. Particularly in the warmer summer months, flyering is a great job for students.  £9-11 / hour


3. Tutoring

This might not be for everyone, but tutoring can be a very profitable part-time job. You can sign up to websites such as FirstTutors, put in your credentials, and wait for people to contact you about potential jobs. If you are looking for more serious tutoring opportunities, then joining a tutoring company such as The Profs or Athena Tuition could be an excellent option. Tutoring is an extremely rewarding job, allowing you to watch your students progress and learn.  It is also fairly easy to find work: If you are studying a maths/science-based degree, or are at a relatively well-known university, then you’ll find it very easy to get clients! £10-40 / hour


4. Uni work: Get paid to go to lectures! 

There are often jobs available at your uni, from the local café to student support jobs. In fact, some student support jobs, including attending lectures for disabled students, can be very rewarding. Some people even get paid to attend their own lectures if they are doing the same subject as one of the disabled students. Whilst some might find it boring to transcribe lecture notes, it is a fairly relaxing and flexible job to earn some side income. £8-15 / hour


5. Resident assistant

Living in halls can be expensive, but what if you can get it for free, or actually be paid to live there? Resident assistants act as the ‘on-site manager’ for student accommodation, making sure everything is running smoothly, effectively, and safely. They will contact the owners of the building / the housing agency if they encounter any problems, and are often rewarded with cheaper or free accommodation. Contact your student union or student housing provider to see if any of these positions are available. Cheap / Free Accommodation


We hope you enjoyed our list of 5 of the best jobs you can get as a student. This article was brought to you by Freshers Festival: The UK's largest student event. If you want more student tips / tricks, or want to grab your free ticket to Freshers Festival 2019, then visit our website: .

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