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Lucky is the one who gets the right career guidance. Not each and everyone is lucky enough. Especially in the age of cut-throat competition where others are always ready to trample down and elbow their way you don't have much time to think. With the tremendous progress all around, every day some new career opportunities are knocking at the door. Thousands of career options are hovering around. All you need is proper career guidance which will take you through towards success with satisfaction. This is the reason enough for me to offer you career guidance through this article. The career advice given has yielded excellent results for those who followed it religiously. Be one of them by following these invaluable tips from professional resume writing service for a bright career:


Analysis Yourself

I always say in my career guidance sessions that self-analysis is the key to success. Before choosing your career path, ask yourself what you love doing. Try to unveil your dormant skills and talents and see where you have enough scope for the development of your innate aptitudes. Once you set out on a certain path, stick to your decision. I have seen many youngsters shift from one career to another only because they were worried about what others would think about their choice. As a result, they ruined their prospects. Hence the first career guidance says 'Analyze and Understand Yourself'.


Qualify for Your Dream Career

Once your career path is set, your education is going to be the most influential factor to secure a handsome job for you. Try to achieve the necessary qualification for a particular job and excel in it. Load yourself with the latest knowledge in the concerned field. Then no one can stop you from attaining the dizzy heights of eminence. Follow this career tip like a gospel truth.


Consult The Experienced

It is always advisable to consult the expert and experienced in your area of ​​interest. (S) He can guide you in marching ahead on your career path. Career guidance sought from the former or present worker in the concerned field really works.


Prepare Your Optimized CV

Preparing a CV is no child’s play.  CV tips are a vast and separate topic for discussion. It makes the most important part of career guidance and an art every prospective employee should learn and master.

It is through your CV that you reach your potential employer first. Your CV should not be too long. Two pages are enough. It should be highlighting your key strengths, your work experience if any, your qualification and the special achievements in the field of your specialization. Remember, you are supposed to make your prospective employer read much. (S)He should get a hint of your skills and talents through your CV and call you for the interview. A covering letter is a must while sending a CV. Be particular in the selection of a decent font and font size for both your CV as well as the covering letter. When it comes to career guidance I always stress the importance of the CV.


Interview: A Chance to Make a Mark

When a candidate is called for an interview, it means that the potential employer has gone through his/ her CV and found him/her promising. It is now the candidate’s duty to impress the interviewer in every way possible. The interviewers are the experts in the concerned fields and hence are quick enough to judge the candidate. Following are a few career tips to follow for a successful interview;

Be on time for the interview. Reach 10-15 minutes before the actual interview time. Settle down and adjust with the surrounding

A professional outlook towards an interview always helps get through. You are replete with unique qualities. You are literally going to turn those qualities into cash and hence an entirely professional outlook is a must.

Your external manifestation is equally important as your inner skills. I would rather say nowadays it is your attire that has become more important. All that glitters are gold now. Hence be aware that you come in a formal outfit. Wearing gaudy colored clothes and strong perfumes may go against you.

The mannerism that you follow plays a major role in your overall impression. Hence I will accent in my career tips the importance of practicing ideal mannerism. In a mock interview, you can practice how to seek permission to enter, how to sit, how to initiate the talk, how to answer the questions, how to shake hands and how to exit.

If this career advice is strictly followed, no one can stop you from succeeding.


Catch the Present Moment

Once you get your dream job, I would like to offer the career tips that underline the importance of the present. Never think before and after and pine for what is not. Indulge in your current job sincerely and get rewards. Don't be over-ambitious. If you are talented, you will shine for sure.

The timely career guidance can shape bright futures. Career tips offered in this article can make wonders. Have a scintillating career. All the best!


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Teresa Brashear is from Los Angeles. She has been working in an IT company for 3 years as an HR Manager. Teresa studied creative writing. Right now she is working as a freelance writer at .

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