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With the current globalization and technological advancements, the UK job market has become very competitive with writing skills being one of the necessary skills for securing a job. Even though the digital world has seemed to overlook writing as a necessary skill, it is important to note that you cannot secure a better opportunity without a strong CV and cover letter.

With plenty of opportunities in the UK, a better chance is always created by expressing your thoughts in a cohesive and clear manner. This will keep you ahead of your peers and also secure a better relation and prevent some of the challenges that normally arise as a result of bad communication skills. One of the means of developing good writing skills is through essay writing which will expand the communication process by improving your ability to network and effectively communicate ideas. Whether you are moving to the UK in search of a job or as a recent graduate, these are just a few of the reasons why advanced writing skills will benefit your job search.


In the UK, essay writing skills are critical in helping craft some of the best cover letters that will help express your future goals and create an introduction to future employers. It is clear that advanced essay writing skills not only help in expression, but they also create a good image to the employers that you have a better understanding of English as a language. It shows that you can confidently proofread and even format letters with good grammar. A bad image may be created when a job application is submitted that is not proofread and full of errors. 

Good Image

To make progress in the UK’s job market, advanced essay writing as a skill helps you progress faster. Employers will look for people to work on various projects such as rebranding,  writing papers (i.e., essays, book summaries, research papers, outlines, etc.) answer emails and write reports. 

When all are produced with good writing skills, a good image is developed that will be essential in growing in the job market and getting better opportunities in the process. 

Technically, demonstrating a better approach to paper writing will make your bosses notice you. Advanced essay writing skills will equip you with the best writing skills which will be significant in climbing the employment ladder much faster. Additionally, paper writing skills will also speak volumes about the personality of an individual. Individuals are more likely to follow and to be attracted to an individual with good writing skills than one who is not in a position of developing the best format for their emails.

Proper Connection 

In the UK, you need to be aware that most of your colleagues will not interact with you eye-to-eye all of the time. This highlights that better communication is achieved through the use of messages, official company correspondence and mails. It’s, therefore, imperative to adapt good writing skills in making communication.


Advanced essay writing exposes an individual to objective and strong critical thinking towards your people. The experience in the United Kingdom job market will assist in offering the best feedback on how to motivate and work towards improving employees’ workflow. Additionally, writing skills will also help you listen and even work towards accomplishing tasks in a timely manner.

Conclusively, while most jobs ads often require written and oral communication skills, employers and employees alike don’t concentrate on good writing in the workplace. It is important to note that when a worker demonstrates good writing skills, they demonstrate attention to details, courtesy and intelligence. Good writing skills are significant in the current generation as every individual needs writing and if you are a student, it will also assist you to produce the best university assignments.

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