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If you’re somewhat uncertain as to whether you should opt to live on-campus or off-campus during your student life, it would be wise to determine all the impacting factors of each option. There are pros and cons associated with each option, which is why you would need to determine your decision based on what is more suitable for you as an individual.

Unfortunately, there really is no one choice that would ultimately be best for everyone. Here are a few things that you should consider before making the important decision.

Financial Aspects

Some students don’t exactly have the option of living off-campus as certain student loans and grant funding may not cover the costs of living off of campus. In this case, the funding you receive would essentially be direct at the school. If these financial scenarios do not apply to you, it would be far more affordable to live off-campus rather than in a dorm room. That is not to say you can't live on campus affordably! Talk to the accommodation advisors at university as there may be cheaper options to pick from. If living off-campus is the right financial decision for you, you will be able to find affordable student accommodation at

Pros Of Living On Campus

Even though living off-campus is undeniably more cost-efficient for students who only have access to extremely limited budgets, living on-campus means you will have direct access to a range of school services and facilities. Living in a dorm means you won’t have to be concerned about water and power bills. In some cases, your internet bill and your cable would also be included in your dorm room costs. Some universities also include student meals, which would be a great benefit as you would not have to be concerned about a balanced diet. You won’t have to worry about getting to classes if you are living on campus either, which means your travelling costs would also be eliminated. On the downside, you would have to spend quite a bit extra to live on-campus, which means that you would ultimately be paying for all the inclusive benefits and actually not saving at all.

Pros Of Living Off-Campus

While campus’ may advertise that their accommodation is much cheaper compared to alternative solutions, money-savvy students would be able to save significantly by deciding to live off-campus. You may have to compromise access to university facilities such as libraries and other services that can aid your journey to further your education, although, most of the cons associated with living off-campus can be overcome with adequate planning and know-how. You will be able to find affordable accommodation without requiring a roommate that may leave halfway through the year. What’s more, many students find living off-campus beneficial as there will be fewer distractions. This means that your exam stress will be reduced substantially. If you are concerned about travel costs to campus and back on a daily basis, it would be best to search for accommodation that is within walking distance to the university as this would eliminate your costs and concerns. It is often considered a more peaceful decision to live off-campus in student accommodation.

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