Binding a Dissertation
You finally did it: all the time that you spent on writing a research paper, bachelor's thesis, dissertations or other academic work is finally coming to an end. You will soon be able to submit the paper, but first, you need to print and bind it.

When printing and binding a thesis, the two questions outlined below always cross a student’s mind:
1. How should I print and bind my thesis?
2. Where should I go to print and bind my thesis?

Read on to find out what to look for when printing and binding your research paper.

Question #1: How should I Print And Bind My Dissertation?

Since most students have not printed or bound a research paper yet, it is difficult to choose which type of binding is correct and which outlines to select for printing. 

We give you all the information you need for printing and binding your thesis!

What do I need to consider for printing a thesis?

When you want to print your thesis, you should always consider some important aspects first. These are:
• Printing in Colour or Black/white?
• Which type of paper is correct for printing my thesis?
• How do I get an affordable price for printing my paper?

To help you with these questions, we came up with some tips for printing and binding your dissertation, thesis or research paper.


What you should consider for printing a thesis


Colour printing: There are only two ways to print a thesis: in colour or black and white. What you need to know is, that colour printing might be more costly.

Your work will certainly be more attractive if you print it in colour, especially for graphics. But be careful: excessive colour can affect the gravity of your research paper.

Paper: When you go to a printing shop, it is usually recommended to use 80g/m² paper. But: paper with a weight of 80g/m² is comparatively thin, making it less durable. With double-sided printing, this paper might even be see-through.

The paper used affects the final quality. Look for the service suppliers that use paperweights of 100g /m² as a standard. Your dissertation quality is immediately improved by 100g/m² paper!

Price: The cost of your thesis is based on several factors: paper density, colour or black and white printing and the printing itself.

Compare different prices! For example, if you consider coloured printing, we recommend that you look for a supplier who does not charge any additional fees.

What should I Consider When Binding My Thesis?

As only a few students are experts in binding a thesis, what to consider when binding a thesis, is a very common question, as many students do not know what kind of binding to choose for their dissertation or thesis. 

The right binding depends on the type of research paper it belongs to: for example, a dissertation requires lots of work and wide research while writing a small paper usually does not take much time.

That means: if you want to bind an important research paper, like a dissertation, simple spiral binding is the wrong choice. Leather binding is the best choice because the paper is more significant being your major thesis and also it is much more durable.

Many universities and colleges have certain mandatory requirements for binding theses. Therefore, it is best to first find out if your school has guidelines for thesis printing and binding.

For binding a thesis, you can choose many types of bindings. This, nevertheless, might be very confusing, if you do not know about the different types. We, therefore, want to help you shed some light on the different types of bindings and what theses they are best for.


Leather book binding

Leather book binding dissertation

Leather book binding is the most high-quality fastening for your thesis. The leather-look surface emphasized the noble and classy character of this binding. If you choose leather book binding, you are able to choose a special embossing, book corners or a ribbon additionally to add on style to your dissertation.

Recommendation: the leather book binding is perfect for printing and binding important papers like a dissertation or bachelor’s thesis. If you want to convince your audience with your binding, then you should choose the leather book binding.


Thermal binding

Thermal binding dissertation

The most flexible of all fastenings is referred to as thermal binding. This is a transparent cover that immediately puts the heading of your thesis in the forefront. The back cover has a structured leather-look and is in your colour choice. With thermal binding, your paper is glued into the binding.

Recommendation: thermal fastening is usually ideal for small research projects. If you want multiple prints of your thesis, thermal fastening is perfect as well.


Soft Binding

Softcover dissertation

In case you want to make your final paper to look especially creative and be one of a kind, we recommend soft binding. You can design the cover according to your wishes: different logos, fonts, images or completely wild designs - if you choose a softcover, you may use your original juices. But be careful! It must not be overloaded! This is still research work, so your thesis should be professional.

Recommendation: In principle, a softcover can be used for every type of paper. However, the amount of pages is limited, so it is less profitable to use them for a large dissertation.


Spiral binding

Spiral binding dissertation

Spiral binding refers to simplest and cheapest binding. It is somewhat similar to the thermal fastening because it has a translucent front and a coloured back view. However, spiral binding is not pasted. Your thesis is bound with spirals. There exist two forms of spirals: metal and plastic.

Recommendation: Spiral fastening is ideal for small research papers such as homework and not suitable for important dissertations, for instance, a thesis or research projects.

Binding’s Overview

We have summarized all the fastenings for you in the table below to give you an outline and to find out which one is best suited for binding a dissertation or research paper.

Leather book binding

The most stylish and noble method is leather binding. This is exactly what you need for an important dissertation, master thesis, bachelor thesis or essay. We recommend not to use this binding on small papers.

Advised for: Research paper, Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s Thesis and Dissertation. 

Thermal binding

Of all types of bindings, thermal binding is the most versatile. For this reason, this form of fastening is ideal for binding research papers irrespective of type. If you want multiple prints of the research project, thermal binding is an elegant and reasonably priced option.

Advised for: Research paper, Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s Thesis, Term paper and Dissertation.


Since you can customize the cover to your liking, the softcover is ideal for artistic study programs. The important thing to note is that the quantity of pages which can be linked in softcover is limited and is not appropriate for all types of paper. For this reason, you probably do not need to choose a softcover for a dissertation.

Advised for: Research paper, Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s Thesis and Term paper. 

Spiral binding

Spiral binding is considered when you are binding small research projects. That applies to abstracts for instance research papers or homework. However, in case you want to print and relate a lot of research, spiral weaving isn't the best option.

Advised for: Term paper. 


Question #2: Where should I go for printing and binding my thesis?

Generally, you have two options for printing and binding a thesis: either visit a copy shop nearby or use an online printing service.

We searched for you to find where the best printing takes place and where to get the best product. 

The advantage is to contact an online supplier because you can place your order directly from home and saving precious time. Our study highlighted the online service supplier who stood out during this research:

When printing and binding your thesis, research paper, or dissertation, BachelorPrint is the best online printing service provider. They provide a wide range of high-grade fastenings. Thanks to the free express delivery, you can hold your thesis in hands a short time after placing the order.

Your benefits with BachelorPrint:

- Free express shipping
- 3D live preview of your thesis with a look inside function and in the online shop
- High-quality paper at reasonable prices


Use our tips for your unique & perfect dissertation binding

Thesis writing is at all times a huge investment. Using our tips for printing and binding your bachelor thesis, term paper, or research paper, all runs smoothly.

Certainly, it is your choice where you print your thesis. You can choose to order online or go to a real copy service. Though, in case you want to print in high-quality paper, the right choice for you is BachelorPrint. They have a user-friendly virtual shop which makes it easier to create a thesis. We, therefore, vouch for BachelorPrint if you are printing your thesis.

Good luck with your thesis!

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