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Some people say that a student can’t find an interesting and well-paid job. Indeed, it’s not a simple task, but with our tips, everything is possible!

Young students often want to be financially independent and start their career path as soon as possible. In many ways, this is the right point of view. If you start working at a younger age, it gives you many benefits. First of all, you won’t have an empty work experience column in your CV when you graduate. Secondly, you’ll become more responsible and will learn to manage your finances and time better. Finally, you’ll be able to communicate with people outside the campus, and networking is essential for young specialists.

If you’re not 100% confident about your success, keep your head up! You have plenty of time to try your hand in different fields. Check our tips – they will help you to find your first job:

Compose a persuasive CV

Making an impressive CV isn’t easy when you have zero work experience. But it’s possible to impress your potential employer with other sections. If you study at a prestigious college or used to be an editor for your school newspaper, it can be a decisive factor for getting hired.

Create a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a platform for professional networking, job search, and recruitment. HR managers use this service to look for candidates. Create a detailed and attractive profile, and you’ll grab the attention of local managers.

Keep an eye on your social media profiles

The internet gives many opportunities when it comes to job search, but it also imposes some limits. If you want to find a job easily, manage the content of your social media profiles properly. Avoid drunk photos, aggressive political statements, and adult content, and your future bosses won’t be frightened away.

Try different options

If you don’t have any particular passion or interest, try various spheres of activity. You may try writing services like that pay for essays and other academic papers. If you’re a fan of coffee, apply to the position of a barista. You may also try jobs for “people persons”: sales manager, customer support, junior HR or PR manager, etc.   

Join chats and groups for your job search

How much time do you spend daily swiping through Instagram or Facebook? Make this activity more helpful for your search! There are dozens of specialized groups and chats that offer vacancies. Join them to not miss your dream job!

Ask friends and family members

The most reliable way to find a job is to ask for recommendations. You’ll feel more comfortable if you know at least something about your potential employer. On the other hand, we don’t recommend you to work for friends if you’re not sure about their ability to separate professional and private life.

Make a post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

Social media has become much more than a way to chat. Today, we are even able to find jobs online! Write a concise but detailed post about your skills and expectations. Maybe a friend of your friend is looking for a worker like you!

Take a presentable photo

We shouldn’t judge people according to their appearance, but that’s who we are. Add a high-quality official photo to your CV or LinkedIn profile, and your chances to get a job will increase. Experts recommend to smile and take a photo in a whole-coloured background. 

Read informative articles on the topic

You may find hundreds of useful articles about job interviews, CVs, and choosing a company and profession. Pick reliable sources: reputable magazines, articles from experts, non-fiction books, etc. Make notes and save tips for the future!

Be patient and goal-oriented

Searching for jobs is a complex process and takes much time and effort. Don’t fall in love with the very first vacancy you find. Take your time and pick a job that will be relevant to your skills and expectations!

With these tips, you should be on your way to finding the perfect job for you. Good luck!


John McGill was born in Farmingdale, New York. He is a content writer and freelancer, working on different projects worldwide. John enjoys creating new blog posts, brand slogans and product reviews. He lives in New York City and is actively looking for fresh out-of-the-box ideas for future posts.   

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