Summer job in Malaga

If you’re looking to get a job for a few months next summer, then Spain might be the place to go. Working abroad can give you a chance to explore the country while earning enough to pay your way, before heading back to study in the cold and gloom of the UK. Now is a good time to start thinking about summer jobs, so here are a few tips and tricks.

Where to work in Malaga

Malaga, on the south coast of Spain, is one of the most popular parts of the country for Brits to visit and work in. It’s the sixth-biggest city in Spain, and is also one of the world’s oldest cities – it’s been around since 770 BC, and was a Roman port. The biggest industry in Malaga, especially during the summer months, is the tourism industry. During the summer months, you can expect to find plenty of seasonal jobs in or around the city, such as working in bars, hotels, and restaurants.

How to get around 

If you choose to fly there, you’ll be arriving at Malaga Airport, which is the Costa del Sol’s biggest airport. It’s only a short drive from the airport to the city, so if you want to drive yourself there, you can. To prepare, you can make your Malaga Airport car hire reservation online before you travel to speed up the journey. There are also taxis available, or you can take public transport instead, though car hire will give you many more opportunities to stop off and explore along the way.

Typical jobs in Malaga

If you’re in Malaga during the summer, you’ll undoubtedly find some seasonal jobs. You can look online before you go, but even if you don’t manage to find any, just grab a copy of one of the region’s English-language newspapers and search through the job listings pages. Not all jobs will be widely advertised, though, and you may need to go door to door and simply ask if there are any jobs available. As tourists flock to the city to enjoy the warm weather, hotels and restaurants will be searching for new staff. You could even find a job as a holiday rep, looking after tourists on package holidays – if you’re lucky enough, this will mean your accommodation will be taken care of.

What to expect in Spain

You won’t earn a fortune if you decide to work in Spain. Then again, you won’t be going out there just to make money. If you remember that it’s about the experience and that you’re only making money to support yourself while you’re there, then you’ll enjoy it more. Employers know that people want to be in Spain over the summer, no matter what the pay is like, so wages will be low - they could be around €5 an hour, and you might only be able to find part-time jobs.

There’s a lot to think about and plan for if you’re hoping to work- abroad this summer. It’ll be worth it, though, for the chance to spend the summer in the sun, so go ahead and book that flight.

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