Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a big deal for a variety of reasons today. From automating our daily tasks to solving problems, AI has us covered on almost all aspects of our lives. Our virtual assistants, security arrangements and even medical equipment are using this fantastic tool to get effective results for our facilitation.

Do you ever wonder if this technology has even more dimensions than what we hear about daily? There are indeed many incredible uses of AI that you must know about as an enthusiast. Let’s learn more about them with these six uses of artificial intelligence!   

1. Face and Voice Recognition

We have already been using face and voice recognition for years. It is no longer a strange concept for you to instruct your phone or other devices to carry out various tasks for you. An example of this would be Cortana on computers with Windows 10 installed. Recently it has also become the norm to use face recognition technology to unlock our smartphones. Such advancements are used to help further other advancements in security, reducing technology-related crimes. 

With voice and face recognition, it is possible to verify someone’s identity more accurately than any other method. Even twins would have difficulty fooling voice and face recognition technology. Perhaps in the future face recognition could even help prevent fraudulent transactions at ATMs with stolen cards. 

2. Medical Science Breakthroughs

Apart from simulation and augmentation, AI can also help make discoveries. A recent invention, an AI robot named Eve, was able to identify that a certain ingredient commonly found in toothpaste can be used as medication for the treatment of Malaria. 

With this discovery, it is evident that AI could be extremely useful when conducting medical research in the future. It opens up the possibility that AI could be used to discover treatments for the most complex diseases which humans have struggled for years to find cures for. 

3. Data Analysis

Have you ever tried searching for specific data in a massive database? Or, have you tried creating tables and charts to simplify raw data and information? It would take several weeks to work on a single project. That would be tedious, and the potential for human error would be high.

Artificial Intelligence can help solve this problem by reading information from large databases that would be too complex or time-consuming to process with the human eye. The involvement of AI in data analysis can help you gain better insights that will help you focus on the information that matters the most in terms of growing your business. In order to learn more about how beneficial artificial intelligence can be for businesses, you could take an artificial intelligence online short course

4. Transport and Communication

Commuting to work has become an increasing problem for many. Traffic jams are a menace in several parts of the world. The solution? Artificial Intelligence! We could reduce road accidents and traffic jams on highways by employing self-driven vehicles. And the technology for self-driven cars already exists, some have already been tested and implemented. 

In communication, AI can help companies improve the services they are able to deliver to their customers and prospects. For example, AI can receive calls, book appointments, and guide customers around business premises, or even showcasing your products. This can help reduce costs and employees would be able to focus on more important tasks that cannot be performed by AI. 

5. Cyber Security

Cybercrime has been on the increase and big companies and agencies often get attacked by hackers who attempt to steal the confidential information of their clients. Some attacks happen to banks or even government systems, with the intention to steal data, alter information, or steal money. Such attacks could cost companies large sums of money and negatively affect their reputation, so it makes sense to rather invest in security measures to prevent attacks like this from occurring.

With AI, businesses are able to improve the protection of their systems and any confidential information from cybercrime. Certain AI technologies are capable of identifying potentially fraudulent or suspicious activities and immediately taking action to prevent them from causing any further harm. 

6. Process Automation

Are you tired of spending most of your time answering the same basic questions from customers? Leave that to AI. With robotic process automation, you can assign various processes to machines to complete the tasks on your behalf. The process relies on structured input and logic. 

By assigning basic tasks to an AI technology, you can rather focus your time on more important matters that require your attention and potentially improve your performance as a business.

To Sum Up

AI is developing and changing how we work and carry out our tasks every day. Employing AI will not only improve your efficiency but also accuracy in whatever you are doing. The systems can also put your mind at ease about any security concerns you might be having. 

And, by the way, why not think of acquiring an autonomous car to help you to get to the job quicker? The robotic car idea, however, may depend on how fast your country has developed to welcome their use on the public roads!

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