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Baby sitting
If you are looking for a part-time job, then why not look into babysitting? Here are just a few of the benefits!

Why become a babysitter?


1. Stay in touch with your inner child

Discover the child in you, do you sometimes find yourself reminiscing about your childhood and all the fun things it entailed. If childcare is something you are considering it may be a way of rediscovering your inner child without feeling guilty. Spend time watching Disney movies with children and teach them the magic of being young and carefree. In addition to this children will love to have a babysitter who also likes to be silly and play, keeping them calm and busy. You can also bring some of your old toys to show the children what kind of toys your generation played with in comparison to today. It may be a refreshing surprise to have toys to play with instead of using an iPad or a video game.

2. Valuable skills

Babysitting can teach you many skills such as child development. What many others do not realize there are other useful skills that come with babysitting that can be carried through to everyday life: 

  • Safety skills
  • Communication / relationship building
  • Multitasking
  • Cooking.
  • Time management 
  • Organizational skills
  • Negotiation
  • Money management

The biggest advantage of having all these skills is that they are fully transferable to other jobs . Always add your babysitting skills to your CV, time spent as a babysitter is never wasted and can add value to your resume. The techniques and know-how you will be valuable throughout your life and career. 

3. Take responsibility

As a babysitter, you have a great responsibility. Parents rely on you to keep your sight on their children for every second and take care of them with total dedication. So if you really take your work seriously, you will learn to take on this responsibility and how to deal with it. Taking responsibility for oneself and others is an important step for development and growth. You learn an additional skill that will help you a lot in your (professional) life.

4. Time management

As a babysitter, you are your own boss and you can schedule when and how much you want to work. You will have to ask yourself important questions: How many hours a week can I work? What time can I work? How can I get to work and study at the same time? Parents trust you and you must ensure that you are available at agreed times. Although it may seem very difficult at first, all these skills will definitely help you in your future career. Do not forget to mention this in your CV, as nowadays social skills are just as important as academic education.

5. Become a role model 

As a babysitter you are in direct contact with children, especially if you work for a family for a longer period of time, you become an important part of their life. They will admire you and after a few visits, you will notice how they begin to mirror your behavior. Take this opportunity to teach the children important values ​​and skills. 

6. Do you have a talent for numbers? 

If numbers are something you always enjoyed in school why not offer your skills to the children you are babysitting. However, if this is not something you enjoy you could also offer other skills such as teaching them to ride a bike or how to play football. By the way: in your babysits profile you can indicate your special abilities, such as a foreign language or your mathematical skills, this can help parents to see the advantages that come with you as a babysitter. You can also check out our tips in the Community Resources section to find out exactly what you should pay attention to, ensuring you are well prepared.

7. Flexibility

A flexible schedule is another reason why babysitting is an amazing part-time job. Chose what days and times suit you. It is possible to work as a babysitter while studying at university. Are you curious and want to know if babysitting is right for you? Start your babysitting adventure now!

Sign up with Babysits, let families know why you are the perfect babysitter for them and become your own boss. If you need a babysitter, check out Babysits a community or over 1,500,000 members in over 37 countries! 

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