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Writing is a multifaceted profession that allows different people to express themselves and earn money through creativity. There are many areas of this activity, therefore, regardless of mentality, everyone can find a suitable job. The main thing is the desire to develop the skill. This article contains the top 10 professions related to writing. 

Technical writer

Do you have a technical mindset? Do you know how to explain complex things in simple words? Then you can become a technical writer. Create documentation, operating instructions, and various supporting materials. This is a great option for those who want to combine the exact sciences with creativity!


As a rule, good editors make excellent editors. Since they know how to create topics for articles, they understand what the final result should be. Thus, this specialist manages a group of writers, hands them the work, monitors the execution and finalizes the articles to a high level. The position is very popular and can cover various areas of activity, from classic media, electronic publications and ending with content agencies, such as IvoryResearch. To get the job of an editor, it is not necessary to have a bachelor's degree in the relevant field. However, education can be a competitive advantage for the employer. 

Magazine Writer

This profession is not limited to paper fashion magazines, as is commonly believed from popular films. You can choose classic editions or give preference to Internet platforms. Work for a monthly salary or with a free schedule and receive money for completed articles. However, remember, the world of journalism is highly competitive, so the first time you will probably have to work for a small fee.

News reporter

A work that will appeal to lovers of detail. The advantage of the profession is its constant dynamics. Some news platforms fund employee travel. Really great? Often reporters of good publications interview famous people, stars. The disadvantage is that with the decline in the popularity of print media, the number of jobs has decreased. For some, it may be a minus to stay at work until late. After all, there is no standardized schedule.

Social Media Manager

A dynamically developing specialty in which there is a place for every lover of social networks with good writing skills. Ten years ago, it was just a way of entertainment. Today it is one of the key tools for representing a business on the network. Therefore, the direction deserves special attention.


Becoming a popular blogger is not as easy as it was a few years ago. High competition significantly reduces the chances, although this is not impossible. A freer niche is organization blogs. You can write on behalf of third parties. For example, blogging a cosmetics company.


A writer who creates texts for interfaces. The prospect of such a career will appeal to candidates with an analytical mindset and interest in psychology. Marketers are good UX writers. As here it is necessary to write texts that will make the user experience convenient on Internet sites.

Business writer

As a rule, business writers are people with deep knowledge in finance, marketing, etc and an English degree is not required here. They create content for a specific group of consumers. Most often these are business owners or specialists in the relevant field.

Advertising copywriter

A concise kind of writing. Advertising copywriters are deprived of the luxury of expressing thoughts and ideas with a multitude of words. Their task is to create short texts that can persuade, encourage targeted actions. 


Most of the time people of this profession spend reading. They study and then criticize other people's work. As a rule, the career of critics begins with a column of authoritative publications.

You can become a writer regardless of whether or not you have a special education. There are plenty of prospects for development! You can work in classic media or online publications, just choose the direction you like the most. So good luck and enjoy your writing career!

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