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Staying at home is bliss, endless day time TV, great wifi connection and no need to travel far before you find food. But, what about if you need a job and Covid-19 has you stuck inside? If so, then a work from home job could be perfect for you! Wave goodbye to boredom and actually have a job that you enjoy, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Take Surveys with Toluna 

With the motto of “influence your world”, Toluna does just that! With the formula of “your voice + our voice = the voice of change”, you literally get paid to give your opinion. If you like to give your opinion, then this is the perfect job for you! You get to give your feedback to some of the world’s largest brands, and the best bit is the surveys only last between 15 and 20 minutes. 

What is great about Toluna, is that you don’t just work. It is a safe and fun environment where you can meet new people while earning money! You can ask questions and start a discussion in the community, or create a poll to receive quick feedback to your question. 

So how do you earn money? As you complete online marketing research, you will earn points. These can then be exchanged into cash via PayPal or to claim rewards such as tickets, getaways or gift cards! So, does this job suit you? Apply now and start earning!

Work From Home with Paid Surveys

Paid Surveys UK works with thousands of students and graduates who earn up to £300 per month, just from completing market research in their spare time. The bonus of Paid Surveys is that Paid Surveys does the hard bit of matching you with market research that suits you, meaning you enjoy what you do! 

If there are some that don’t take your fancy then just skip and enjoy the ones you do! You will be giving your opinion on TV shows, politics and trending products, which will even be paid for! So, if you have a bit of spare time, why not sign up with Paid Surveys UK and earn some extra cash?

Tutor Ninjas: Online Tutoring

The online tutoring platform, Tutor Ninjas, are recruiting professionals, new or former educators in the UK. They are looking for motivated and passionate tutors for over 300+ subjects, meaning if you have a passion for something, you are sure to be in demand! 

They strive for “Teaching made easy” as you teach one-to-one, while still having the flexibility to manage your time and choose your own rates! Through their belt-based reward system, you could even earn up to £60.00 an hour. Remember, it is a work from home job so that is all from the comfort of your own home!

An added bonus is that it is completely free to join Tutor Ninjas, all you have to do is apply now and become a tutor!


20 Cogs

Whether you are a student, graduate, just have some spare time or between jobs, 20 Cogs is a dream job from home. In just a few hours you can cash in over £200, yes £200! As you manage your own schedule and work when you want to, you will complete online competitions, offers, games and surveys - you choose! 

The money varies from task to task, however, 20 Cogs will reward you with payouts between £3 and £20. Don’t worry, you will profit from every completed offer once you have submitted 20 of them, and you can be paid 3 times a week! Sounds great, right? So grab your phone or laptop and sign up to 20 Cogs

Earn Cash with Swagbucks 

There are plenty of things to do online… Shopping, web searching, and watching videos. All of these things that you already do can now be your job! Swagbucks just asks for you to give your opinion and gives you cash in return!

Swagbucks are looking for new members to join their pre-existing team of 15+ million members, who have already earned well over £84 million! Like the other jobs, they offer flexible working hours while you have fun making money! If you choose to work with Swagbucks then you will accumulate points, which can then be redeemed for cash via PayPal or for gift vouchers from all your favourite brands! Apply for a work from home job with Swagbucks now!

If you already have a job or just fancy some time off, then you may as well download Amazon Prime Video and start your trial now… Endless entertainment, perfect for self-isolation!

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