Tutoring is an excellent way of earning extra cash on the side. As a uni student, this would allow you to afford all the learning material you need. To be a good tutor, you need to invest time in mastering all concepts in the subject you want to specialize in. Make sure you fully understand the subject in question so that you give your students the very best.

This is a satisfying part-time job because you get to help other students excel. It will offer you considerable flexibility that you require as a uni student. The students you choose to tutor is up to you. You can choose to work with high school kids, middle schoolers, or your fellow university students.

However, not that like every other job, tutoring comes with its downsides. Along with the positives are challenges you have to navigate. If you’re a dedicated tutor, these challenges won’t deter you from earning your money. You can come through for any students who are always saying, “I need help with my homework.”

This guide will expound on everything you need to know about tutoring. Let’s get started!

Why You Should Start Tutoring in Uni

Reinforce Your Knowledge in the Subject

Tutoring not only benefits the students you work with, but it impacts you positively as well. If you’re teaching a subject that you also take in uni, you reinforce the knowledge you have. Tutoring will help you memorize information so that you can remember answers during examinations.

Expand your thinking capacity    

Even if you’re not taking the said subject, tutoring will be a good exercise for your brain. Engaging your mind on a regular basis expands your thinking capacity and boosts your ability to come up with solutions.

You get to earn good money

As a uni student, anything that earns you money is a good thing. You need the extra cash to take you through the rough weeks in uni. As you know, pursuing a university education is not as cheap as people might think. You have to eat, buy learning material, and get entertained every once in a while.

It is fulfilling    

Tutoring is a fulfilling part-time job because you get to help students change their attitude towards a given subject. It also encourages self-paced learning because a fellow student will find it easy to speak up if they don’t understand something.

Types of Tutors


The first type of tutor is one who helps a student in a specific area. For instance, if a student is having trouble with Math, you can help them grasp the concepts they have trouble mastering.

Your obligation as a tutor will be to give the student the content skills they need to understand a given concept.


When coaching a student, the primary aim is to teach them how to learn. Many students study but end up learning nothing. You’re to help the student manage their time well and set achievable goals.


Support tutoring is a combination of remediation and coaching. Your obligation as the tutor is to ensure the student has everything they need to excel.


As the name suggests, intervention tutoring is a last resort. When a student has a significant deficiency in a given subject, this is where you come in.


Enrichment coaching helps students learn at an accelerated level. A student would need this kind of tutoring if they needed to do better than usual.

Test Preparation

Revision can be quite overwhelming for students because there’s so much to go through. Test preparation coaching ensures a student enjoys stress-free revision sessions.

How to Start a Tutoring Career

This is quite simple; all you need to do is ensure you’re proficient at a given subject. It could be one or more subjects that you have an easy time understanding.

Next, find a platform that helps students find tutoring jobs and sign in. The rest will depend on how well you deliver.

The Downsides of Tutoring

The main downside of tutoring is that it will test your patience. When you look at this from a positive perspective, you realize that tutoring allows you to be more patient and persistent. The fulfilment that comes at the end of it all will be worth the effort.


Tutoring is a lucrative part-time job for uni students. The flexibility allows you to earn money without interfering with your schedule. Make sure you give each student you work with your very best.


Bronwyn is a former teacher. Bitten by a writing bug, now she is a creator of her own content connected to education. She is interested in the world's happiness so her articles are focused on advice for young people on finding their way in lives.

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