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J K Rowlings has made the UK the dream destination for education as well as for living. Keeping the fantasyland pov aside London has been the ideal choice for students across the globe to study for the beautiful architecture, the long-standing history, the amalgamation of so many various cultures and the immense choice in education providers. 

There are several reasons to go to London, here's contemplating a few.

A friendly, safe and supportive city

Whenever you feel homesick, you will be able to share your experiences with your friends in the town who belong to your home country. London is known to be a safe and supportive city. Several universities give you free access to support services both on and off-campus. There are also an array of student societies and clubs in the town where you can meet new people and take part in your favourite activities. There are also plenty of ways to save money in London!

University choice

London's universities offer around 10,000 courses. You will find several large multi-faculty universities in London which provide courses in a wide variety of subject areas. Additionally, London hosts many considerable smaller, specialist institutions. The subject guides help you find the best universities for the subject you want to study. The universities in London are located in various parts of the city. Students can choose to study in central London in proximity to the museums and attractions, or students might decide to enjoy a quieter life living in outer London. The city's efficient public transport system ensures residents have easy access to the city centre, irrespective of their residence in London.

Course level

Courses are differentiated into three levels - foundation programmes, undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses.

  • Foundation programmes are one-year courses recommended for international students who cannot directly apply for a UK bachelor degree with their high school certificate; it acts as an avenue into a bachelor degree. 
  • In the undergraduate level, students can choose between studying a three-year degree or a four-year degree with a one-year work placement. Courses such as Engineering, Medicine and Dentistry usually take four to six years.
  • Postgraduate courses can be a master's degree or a PhD degree. A masters degree is usually one year and includes a combination of lectures, seminar and a research project. A PhD will take three to four years to complete and focuses entirely on one research project.


Easily Available Student Accommodations

London is a very student-centric city and hence has several privileges and facilities lined up for students. There are several discount cards, student-specific accommodation, plenty of student-centric activities and much more. London has a vast number of universities and colleges often frequented by students from across the world. A city that has heavy student traffic has to have things in place specifically for students; otherwise, the students may lose interest in choosing that particular city for education purposes. London has smartly crafted itself to fit all the student population demands and needs. London has a vibrant student accommodation market; it proffers privately owned houses to rent, college and university-owned residence halls and PBSAs. These accommodations can be quickly booked through several available online platforms such as UniAcco


Study in a Global City

Studying in a global city has several advantages. You can establish an international network of friends and enjoy an exciting social life. Here are the benefits of studying in a global city. 

  • Friends Spanning the Globe

Studying in this city, you will establish a global network of friends that should last you a lifetime. Join your respective university's alumni club when you graduate and return home to receive invites to attend networking events that will be valuable to your future success.

  • There's a lot to do

Out of the classroom, students can enjoy all of the entertainment, events and excitement that this city has to offer. Nowhere else in the world you can try a Scandinavian food for breakfast, visit the Caribbean market in the afternoon before finishing the day with an authentic Indian curry for dinner.


Work Opportunities For London Students

Companies around the world recognise London university degrees and the city's universities have excellent connections with multinational companies that city's can rarely boast. 


Student Internships and Work Placements

Students have the opportunity to undertake a work placement during their studies. Work experience while studying is great for your CV, and it will also give you a vast network of business contacts. When you graduate, a degree from a London uni will provide you with a good chance of getting a higher pay; London has 8 of the top 10 UK universities with better starting salaries for freshly graduated students.

Part-time Student Jobs

There are a plethora of part-time jobs in the city to help fund your studies and social life. This city was named as the most cost-effective UK city for a student.

Did You Know?

  • London has three times more European multinational HQs than any other city in Europe
  • London is the top city in the world for foreign companies looking to expand their business
  • Nearly 400,000 people work in London's creative sector
  • 19 of the top 25 European software and IT companies have their HQ in London
  • London is number one for computer games software
  • London has 17,000 companies in the environmental technology sector.


I can safely come to the conclusion that London is indeed a great city to study and live in, and it will no doubt play a wondrous role in your career ahead. One cannot go wrong in choosing the UK to migrate to especially for education. 


This blog was written by Sarah Mukaddam. An engineer turned content writer, Sarah is a self-proclaimed bookworm. Armed with a keen sense of story and the gift of the gab, she works as a content writer at UniAcco. Her blogs consistently get a high number of viewership. Sarah is an ardent fan of philosophical works of literature. Apart from writing, she enjoys listening to music and prides herself for being able to make the perfect cup of coffee.

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