Earning Money While Studying

Ready to start earning while working? It requires a lot of effort to be a student and be working at the same time, as balancing work demands and studies can prove quite challenging.

Since uni and school can sometimes be an overwhelming and stressful experience requiring discipline and routines, some students tend to spend all their time hanging out with friends instead of trying to learn. Others give up much too quickly upon receiving low grades. Given such a scenario and to put it simply,  juggling work and school can be complicated. However, there are students with a working life or side hustle who are on the lookout for simple ways to earn money from home.

It may be challenging, but it's certainly possible to get your degree while paying your own way through uni. Lots of young people have achieved it, and there's no question you can too. Though many students might think it's better to wait until graduation to work on their fresh work ideas, some skilled and smart ones leap into productive work while still in uni. Is it feasible to do both?

Read on below for some of the best tips to consider when earning side money and going to uni concurrently!

Keep Your Eyes On The Checkered Flag

Remain focused on your target. If your goal is to complete your studies, find the time to do that because you'll struggle if you lose concentration.

Set up practical goals, ambitions, and aspirations around what you want to achieve in uni and after graduation. Then focus your time and resources toward the right aspects, so that you’ll be able to see it through to the end.

Stay Organized

Once you are wearing a lot of different hats, it can be taxing to keep track of the dynamic features of the various roles and obligations you are juggling. Your ability to organize things will play a crucial role here. You need to know where everything is going, and with what intention. Things like reminding yourself to charge your laptop or phone every night, and having supplies well-stocked, make a difference as you won't have to delay crucial tasks to take out time for replenishing.

If you haven't used planners before, now is perhaps the time to buy one. Planners have always been handy, but are not always widely used - especially with those who manage work and uni. Most planners break up the day by the hour, making allotting time for uni, research, and your side gig very convenient.

Become A Master Of Your Time 

Your time has never been more valuable than when you combine work and uni responsibilities. When you opt to be in school and also have a working life, your time is at a premium.

To thrive in stressful situations brought on by balancing work and education, you need to be strategic about just how you spend your time. If you want to be productive over the long haul, you have to plan everything — class time, study time, work, and leisure.  

And even if the propensity to procrastinate was previously your habit, stop this at all costs. Seek to get things done straight away. When you have to write a paper for an entire semester, begin writing and working on it the moment you have a sufficient grasp of the topic. Whether it is as early as the first week or halfway through the semester, turn it straight in as soon as you’re done. Your professor is going to be delighted with it, and it will give you more time to earn extra money.

Make Time For Sleep And Rest

A point will come in your student-worker life when you are deprived of sleep due to deadlines, presentations, or exams. Sleep deprivation will cause you to lose concentration and render you less efficient at both uni and work. Therefore, take out time for at least six hours of sleep every night when you want to perform optimally. 

Simply getting enough sleep can make a significant difference in the flurry of your daily responsibilities. Moreover, arranging just an hour a day to unwind by reading a good book or streaming an episode of your favourite show can help. You might think it would be a waste of time, but stepping away once in a while will ultimately make you more productive. This way, you'll have a healthy lifestyle and attitude. However, without any relaxation time, you risk being burned out and excessively tired.

Practice Communicating Effectively

Proficient communication skills seem to top almost every list of tips for just about every area in which you might want to be successful. But in balancing work and school, communication is essential. Have an open channel of communication with your supervisors and professors. See to it that you, your teachers, and supervisors are all on the same page. Most often than not, they will try to support you whenever you feel stressed by your workload.    

Your excellent communication skills will pay off as you work and go to uni. Communication also plays an important role in interacting with not only employers and teachers, but also with friends and family members whose relationships with you will be affected by your busy schedule.

Have A Support Network 

Students who work while studying sometimes get overwhelmed with their state of affairs, particularly if they are struggling through it alone.

Consider asking your managers, co-workers, family, and even your classmates for support. Start by letting them know your exact reasons for doing what you do and why you need their help.


To many, the idea of earning extra money on the side while investing valuable effort into acquiring a degree can seem demanding. Although it definitely won't be easy to achieve, education may be an unavoidable requirement for all those who intend to push forward in their careers.

Heed the guidance and tips mentioned above as you plan for the adjustment brought about by being both a student and a worker, and it might be easier to find the right balance than you expected!

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