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If you are about to enter college, there are many things that you can do to prepare for it. Some students take about a year to take a break from school to pursue other interests such as hobbies, travel, and even employment. While old-school parents may think that a year-long sabbatical is too much, you can convince them that a gap year will benefit you in several aspects.

Benefits of Taking A Gap Year

  • You learn to be independent: Most of us are used to a sheltered life when we are younger. A gap year lets you build your independence by giving you a chance to decide for yourself. Learning to be responsible and independent prepares you for college and after getting a degree.
  • You find out your true calling: A sabbatical is sometimes what an undecided high school student needs to find his or her calling. Getting a job during your gap year gives you the hands-on experience that you need to decide what you want to be after graduating from college and even build up your curriculum vitae.
  • You acquire new skills: Whether you are seeking employment during your gap year or starting a new and useful hobby, you benefit from learning new skills and mastering them. If you start college immediately after graduating from high school, you may never get the chance to broaden your skillset without interruption.
  • You understand what it is like in the real world: One of the activities that students on a gap year choose to do is travel. Seeing the world from a different perspective helps you become a better student and a better person. You will meet new people, understand new cultures, and see the world with fresh eyes.

Taking advantage of a year off will make you a better student, too, because you learn the importance of education, skills, connections, and hard work. Now that you are decided that you want to take advantage of a gap year, you should prepare to equip yourself with the right gear, such as backpacks, based on expert reviews.

Gap year backpack

Tips to Choose the Best Gap Year Backpacks

Before you buy a backpack for a gap year, there are several factors that you should consider to ensure your gear serves your purpose. Here are simple but helpful tips for choosing the best gap year backpack:

1. What Activities Are You Going to Do?

The first thing to consider when selecting a backpack for your gap year is the kind of activities that you will be doing throughout that time.

  • Travel: If you are spending most of your time abroad, you should pick a backpack that can carry your essential items. Most students living out a gap year in another country do it as a backpacker. If you will be taking your backpack with you all the time, it is essential to choose one that is lightweight but sturdy enough to hold a large volume of items.
  • Work or Internship: For students who decide to stick around their hometown to get a job, a sturdy backpack with plenty of compartments is best. This will allow you to keep essential items such as your work uniform, personal belongings, or laptop, and other gadgets in order and within easy reach.
  • Hobby: Taking up a new hobby is a great way to spend some of your time during your gap year. For hobbies that require you to carry gear or equipment such as photography, it is best to select a waterproof backpack to keep your things protected from damp conditions.

2. Comfort is Crucial

There is no use in buying a backpack that you are not comfortable carrying. That said, it is not recommended to buy a huge backpack if you do not need it. If you are not sure what size backpack you should buy, opt for a convertible one. A convertible backpack allows you to stow away the backstraps and carry the bag like a holdall. You should try out the backpack before buying it to make sure it feels comfortable on your body.

3. Customize with Add-Ons

You can add more storage and compartments to your backpack with external attachments and accessories. Attaching a bum bag, for example, to your backpack, gives you extra space for important stuff when you are out and about. A water bottle holder is another add-on to your backpack that saves you space and prevents the items inside your bag from getting wet. Make sure these add-ons can be attached to the backpack before purchasing them.


Every student on his or her gap year will have a different ideal backpack in mind. When choosing the backpack to take with you on your gap year, always consider the activities that await you. You can also utilize external add-ons as extra pockets and storage space for your backpack. However, comfort is still the most crucial factor to consider in selecting the best backpack for your gap year. A comfortable and functional backpack is the best gear that you can have to enjoy your gap year.

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