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There are a host of job opportunities available to students and graduates in the UK at the moment. However, it’s perhaps only natural during or after the pressures of higher education that some people might want to spread their wings a little and take some time out before considering their next steps.

A gap year is, of course, a great opportunity to do this, as it can open your eyes to everything that the wider world has to offer. Furthermore, according to research from the Year Out Group, around eight out of ten people who have been on one felt it made them more attractive to potential employers.

With that in mind, why not consider a gap year which gives you an insight into the type of career you might wish to pursue when your education is over? Here we have pulled together three ideas of potential destinations which could help in different ways.


The US has always been known as a land of opportunity and while California may be an attractive place to visit at the best of times, it could be a great place to consider for a gap year if you’re thinking about entering the tech world.

As explains, Silicon Valley lies to the south of San Francisco and it is home to thousands of tech companies including big names like Apple, Facebook and Google. If the idea of having work experience in the area appeals, you could look at schemes such as the Silicon Valley Internship Programme. It has been created to give software engineering students and others the chance to take up a paid role with some of the companies based in the region.


The United Arab Emirates has enjoyed huge growth in recent years and while it is known for its thriving textiles trade, it also perhaps unsurprisingly now has a major reputation in terms of construction and development. 

If you’re considering architecture as a potential career path, you might want to consider applying for a student internship in Abu Dhabi with a brand like Gensler. As well as experiencing the world of work, you would also get a chance to experience everything that the vibrant city has to offer. Furthermore, Bayut highlights that apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find something that suits your lifestyle and budget during your stay. Added to that, several neighbourhood filters allow those browsing accommodation to find something in the right area for them.


Thailand is a popular stop-off on many student gap years, but if you’re considering a career in education it could be a particularly good place to visit. As TEFL UK explains, the Go Thailand program gives people the chance to teach English in a range of different communities across the country. Taking up a role through the scheme would secure you a one-semester contract, while you could earn up to 37,000 Baht – or around £900 – a month too. The initiative also includes an accommodation allowance and support in finding somewhere suitable to live.

Get an employment boost

Gap years are a great chance to have a breather and explore the world before settling down, but they can offer big benefits when it comes to employment too.

The ideas above are just a handful of the great work-related opportunities out there that you could consider as part of your big trip abroad!

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