Writing a CV

At times, finding a job can be a time-consuming process. It is paramount that you organize your thoughts and important documents prior to trying to find a job. Preparing for your job interview should almost certainly involve having a well-crafted CV. 

You can write one for yourself if you feel confident enough in the process, or you can use a professional service to create a CV with CVmaker or get some DIY tips from National Careers Service or other leading careers sites. This will ensure that your CV is up to industry standards and gives you the best advantage when it comes to the hiring process. 


5 Tips on Writing Your CV

When it comes to writing your own CV please do not forget that while there may not be specific “right or wrong” ways to format a successful CV there are certain sections that every CV contains.

  • Include your personal information and contact information. After all, how can you land your dream job if they do not know where or how to contact you with an offer of employment? 
  • Let your education and professional qualifications speak for themselves. Show your potential future employee that you have had certain measures of success in the past and always strive to do the best job possible. 
  • Work history and personal experiences are a great way to highlight your relevant skills related to the specific job at hand. 
  • Do not forget your references! Both personal and professional references can give a job candidate an edge when it comes to the hiring process. 
  • Check your CV Hotspot - Did you know that the upper middle area of a CV’s first page is an important section, arguably the most important section of a CV. Why? It’s where the recruiter’s eye line is and the first part of your CV they are likely to see. 

5 Tips on Finding A Job

  • This one should be a no brainer but it is very important that you narrow down your job search by knowing exactly what you want out of a job, in what industry, and what you consider an acceptable pay rate. 
  • It is always the responsible thing to research available information about your target choice of employment. Knowing an industry or companies values and/or mission statement will allow you to make the best decision possible. 
  • Never send out mass CV’s to different companies in different industries. There’s a certain amount of personalization required when it comes to submitting your CV. Personalization shows that you’re interested and motivated. 
  • It can be easy to simply apply to jobs from the comfort of your own home but don’t overlook the face to face encounter. Let a potential employer see who you are, impress them with your CV, and your smile! 
  • You built a network, use it! Allow your business contacts and professional relationships to work for you in order to succeed in finding the best possible job. 

These are just a few of many tips that can help a potential employee land that dream job. The key takeaway is to be prepared and ready for an abundance of circumstances while having all of your documents in order.

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