First job experiences

Graduating and jumping right into the working life can be exciting yet daunting. Although you might want to make a great first impression, there are a couple of obstacles that you can encounter along the way. 

Facing these struggles, and not knowing how to deal with these challenges, can quickly lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction. And these can even trigger you to quit your job. But since this is your first job, you want to make the most of it by creating the best experiences possible in your working life.

That said, we have rounded up these challenges, and we will also talk about the effective ways how you can deal with them. 

1. New environment

A new job means that you are going to be in a new environment, where there will be new people and new rules. Being a newbie, you need to accept the fact that you have to start at the lowest step of the corporate ladder and adopt new skills

You might be told what to do (or even bossed around) but this is not always a bad thing. You will get to know your bosses and colleagues, listen carefully to their advice and think of new ways how you can grow, as this will come in handy later on. 


2. Unacknowledged effort

Feeling that all your hard work goes unnoticed is the easiest way to be unmotivated at work. And when you’re not motivated, you become an unproductive employee.

One of the best ways to handle this is to be productive and become your own cheerleader. So, if you've turned in your work before a deadline, or if you've gotten great feedback from the client, give yourself a pat in the back. Something as simple as treating yourself to a sumptuous dinner is enough.

In addition, you can inform your direct superior of your achievements. So, if you’re able to make a pitch to a client, and it was favored, update your supervisor immediately. This is not to fish for compliments. But more like letting him or her know that you’re diligently doing your job. 

3. Helplessness

You're exposed to a new environment, and you don't know how everything works yet. It's only normal. But that doesn't mean that you're already helpless in the situation. When there comes the time that you hit something unknown, think of effective ways on how you can solve it. Better yet, ask someone for help and guidance. Doing so gives you a learning opportunity on how you can do things better next time. 

4. Workplace politics

You might be noticing some sort of favouritism is going on. Now, when you feel that you are caught up in this cycle, understand the spoken rules of the workplace. Know which person wields what power, and how they exercise it. That way, it is easier to work your way around their traps. 

5. Inhibitions to voice opinion

This is one of the most common issues most new graduates face. Sometimes, you might feel that what you’re doing isn't correct, or you might have more efficient ways how to get the job done but is hesitant to voice out your opinion. 

Because of your lack of experience, you might have some inhibitions in voicing out your opinions on certain topics and things. But the thing is, the only way to grow your career is to have faith in yourself, in your abilities, and voicing them out accordingly. 

6. Burnout

Burnout is officially considered by the World Health Organization as an occupational hazard.Burnout is more than just workspace stress. Its already a combination of prolonged negativity, decreased efficiency, and exhaustion. The sooner you recognize it, the better you can look for ways on how you can address and manage it. However, there are ways too make the most out of work and avoid burnout, such as maintaining a work-life balance. 

7. Time management

It could be challenging settling in a new job, as well as learning to adapt to new responsibilities.

To manage your time more effectively, create a daily "to-do" or goals list. Breaking your tasks down into small goals will not only make them more manageable but easier to tackle, as well. It will also help you become organized and productive in the long run. Speaking of workplace productivity, one way to help you get things done is by maintaining a clean workspace.

In fact, we always tell our clients at Maid Sailors Office Cleaning Companies NYC, that clean office space is a productive office space. That’s because an office that is kept clean and tidy boosts employee morale, which can have a positive impact to your productivity.


The Takeaway

We understand that “adulting” is hard, but it isn't impossible as long as you look for healthy ways how to cope and manage it.  Don't hesitate to give yourself plenty of time to let everything sink in, and be patient with yourself. 

Also, start creating more mature routines like going to bed earlier, exercising, cultivating a healthy work-life balance, and finding ways how you can improve and grow as a person. With that said, enjoy and good luck in your new role!

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