Safe summer jobs for students
The ongoing pandemic means it may not be possible for us to return to "normal" just yet — which you might worry will put your summer earnings in jeopardy. Your plans to work a summer job or internship may have been impacted by COVID-19, especially if that position required you to interact directly with others — but who says traditional is the only way to make money?

Here are a few part-time jobs for students looking for work this summer:

1. Farm Crop-Picker

If you dream of spending the summer outdoors after all that social distancing, here’s an option that might interest you. At the moment, farms across the UK need to hire 40,000 additional workers to stay on track. Post-Brexit, overseas workers have dwindled, and the increased current demand for supplies means fruit- and veg-picking is a viable job option.

If you can commit to a month-long stint or more, why not give it a try? Use a service like Pick for Britain to find nearby farms that need employees.

2. Online Tutor

Do you have a favorite course? Maybe you're a maths whiz, or you love Spanish. In any case, your passion for a certain subject can translate into a part-time role — and a way to help others who need some academic assistance. As an online tutor, you can help educate other students around the globe, from children to adults. It's essential for university students to put their lessons to work — the more you learn, the better prepared you can be for the workforce.

If you can't find opportunities online — or you’d prefer to work with someone you know — contact your university to see if they can offer any safe tutoring options. You never know who needs a little help.

3. Shop Assistant

By now, you've presumably heard the term "key worker." The government has allowed these employees to work despite COVID-19, as they support society's needs. Aside from health and utility workers, these also include shop and restaurant employees throughout England. Everyone needs groceries, grub and essential supplies! To keep up with demand, some employers have made significant efforts to round out their staff size.

Shops need to hire quickly, so why not start applying before the competition? Shops that are open need to follow specific health guidelines, so they’re a safe option, as well.

4. Dog Walker

If you're on the lookout for student summer jobs that involve animals, you’re in luck! With or without a pandemic, dogs need to exercise — and their owners might need your help. As a dog walker, you’ll only need to interact with pet owners to pass off the lead, and you’ll get to enjoy fresh air and exercise for yourself, as well! As long as you maintain safe hygiene practices, you'll stay protected. Plus, this job doesn't require a strict schedule, and it’s something you can get started with on your own.

Ask your neighbours if they need someone to walk their dogs, or post on your community’s social media page. If that's not possible, look into companies like Tailster and Rover, which match dog owners with walkers like you. Most health experts recommend we exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, so you and those pups can achieve your daily fitness goals.

Look Into These Safe Student Summer Jobs

If you're hunting for part-time jobs for students, think outside the box. Even with the current limitations, there are still a few ways to make some quid. Start searching for those summer jobs today — and start saving up for next term.


Alyssa Abel is a learning and career writer who talks about student life, mental health, job searching and more. Follow along on her blog, Syllabusy.

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