In 2018, an online poll by YouGov received answers from close to 5,000 individuals about their level of stress. It is the largest study on this topic in the UK, and it showed that during that year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. Stress is common, but here is why students should learn how to manage it better.


Getting Good Grades


School, for most, is a stressful time. Peer pressure, wanting to fit in and feeling awkward about themselves are sources of stress that can rapidly get a student’s grades on a declining path. Once that happens, it is difficult to get things back to normal, as there is suddenly added pressure to do better, which quickly becomes a vicious circle. 

Managing the stress is the one solution that will enable the person to get back to its former self and get good grades again. It will let him distance himself from the situation and permit him to regain control of his emotions.



Helps with Memory and Learning


One of the side effects of stress is that it stops a person from thinking clearly. Therefore, it cancels out all capacities to memorize and learn new information. When someone is stressed, is whole focus is on the subject that causes the anxiety and tension. Attempts at studying become not only difficult but futile because hours will be spent in vain, with nothing to show for in the end.

Through stress management, the student gets back his capacity to learn again. With a clear mind, the memory function goes back to normal and all information can be captured and kept inside the brain, making it easy to learn again.



Helps Remaining Calm during Exams


Some stress is due to precise events, and exams are a good example. Some students spend a lot of time preparing for exams and when they arrive to the classroom, they are clearly ready for them. However, once they sit down, the stress of having to perform becomes too much and they lose their composure, forgetting all they learned, temporarily. It results in bad grades when in reality they possess the knowledge they needed to fill out the questionnaire correctly.

By simply using stress management methods, a student can overcome this difficulty and get the grades he deserves. It is the best time to put an end to this particular type of stress, or else it will continue throughout all school years, but also in their future work as well.



Helps with Job Exams


The objective of school is to provide the necessary qualifications to find a job in a given field. Therefore, the end purpose of controlling stress is to make sure we will get the job that will satisfy us in our day-to-day life. No matter how knowledgeable or good you are at your job, if someone cannot discover it through tests, simply because you are too nervous to pass them than you will never get to where you worked so hard to be, with your studies.

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