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Student life isn't always easy, even stressful at times. But stress, in the long run, can impair your performance at school, even your health. That's why you need to look for stress management techniques that work. By stress management strategies, you can apply them to achieve greater success in school and life. 

Spending time in nature, such as trekking, for instance, significantly decreases your stress hormone levels. Getting some exercise and soaking yourself in nature helps improve your mood and boosts your feeling of happiness and well-being. 

Here are seven ways how trekking can help reduce your stress:


Helps relax your mind

According to research by The American Public Health Association, spending time around hills, trees, flowers, and breathing the fresh wind on your face helps you feel calm and relaxed. 

That's what hiking does. The activity allows you to be there in the natural environment, soaking everything nature has to offer. It has a positive impact not only on your mind but to your body as well. The mind can often get tired, especially if it is stressed out. Sometimes, it may signal the body to stop, and everything will come to a halt. Your brain constantly needs fresh air and oxygen to breathe, allowing you to stay active, and hiking could give you that.


Provides perspective

Sometimes, anxiety and depression can make people lose sight of the big picture. Rather than enjoying what life has to offer, some people struggle with anxiety and depression. As a result, they become stuck even in the smallest challenges life gives them. Failure and disappointments also come often. Hiking in a natural environment allows you to get out of that kind of rut, providing you with a fresh perspective. 

If you find yourself in a seemingly difficult problem at school, or whatever challenges you're experiencing in your student life, always remember that there's a huge, wonderful world out there, just waiting for you to enjoy it. 


Makes you happier

Getting out there in nature allows you to decrease 'rumination,' a term coined by psychologists for negative thought patterns that play over and over in our heads that dwells on negative and embarrassing moments, or negatively thinking what we did wrong. 

So, don't overlook the 'happiness effect' the outdoors can provide you with. 


Reduces anxiety

Hiking has always been associated to decrease not only one's stress levels but anxiety as well by quieting the mind. Letting you zone into your breath, almost in a meditative, trance-like state.

So, if you're looking for a natural stress reliever, or looking for an instant mood booster, you might want to head outdoors. 


Offers breathtaking views

Spending a significant amount of time in nature allows you to take in the fresh air, and revel in amazing sights that could help you relax. Hiking is one the best way to relax. If you're a healthy individual and have a great fitness level, you can hike to a higher spot that offers breathtaking views. 

These spots may also allow you to camp and spend the night under the multitude of stars, as you wait for the glorious sunrise. Camping relaxes your mind and body as no activity will. Savoring this kind of scenery will also prepare you in the morning so that you can easily destress after a busy day or week. 


Helps you think freely

Another way hiking can reduce stress is that it allows you to think freely without all the distractions. While some hikers may appreciate the sound of nature surrounding them, others might want to bask in silence and use that time to think deeply about what matters most to them. When you combine an aerobic exercise like hiking with deep thinking, you're able to manage your stress levels better than exercise alone. 


Helps you sleep better

When you climb or walk over a terrain, it uses up 28% more energy than walking on flat ground. You're also removing yourself from all that distractions that you often expose yourself throughout the day and before you sleep. Think about the television, your smartphone, and the internet. As a result, you'll get better sleep!



Hiking is an excellent form of exercise with numerous benefits. Apart from helping you manage your stress, it's also great for the soul. So, why not challenge yourself, get the right gear, such as an outdoor rain jacket and make it a goal to hike outdoors. 

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