Moving Out of University

Being a student during the coronavirus pandemic has been nothing short of a nightmare. Thousands of undergraduates and postgraduates are still having to use or pay for accommodation or self-storage in London that they haven't wanted since the middle of March.

Fortunately, housing contracts are starting to end as we approach July and August. However, this means students are being faced with a new problem; moving out while amid a pandemic. This activity is already stressful enough without coronavirus adding a whole new host of obstacles. Don't worry yourself too much, though. We've written this article to help students during the pandemic by providing our top tips for moving out. Read on to find out what they are.


Coordinate with your Housemates

If you're worried about not being able to socially-distance from your housemates or their parents / helpers when moving out, you should arrange a timetable. Set each person a certain date for moving out to ensure there's no overlap. You should also allot specific jobs for everyone, so even if you move out at different times, the place has still been thoroughly cleaned. It's important to be transparent with communication and respectful of one another's wishes. Some people are more anxious about social distancing than others, so bear that in mind.


Storage Arrangements

Students usually find they don't have enough room at home for their stuff anymore when they're moving out of accommodation. There's also the issue of trying to transport everything in one trip to avoid this, you can hire movers in Vaughan or from your local town. Given the travel restrictions as a result of the pandemic, this has become a major obstacle for students to overcome. One of the best solutions to this problem is hiring storage units. These usually have flexible contracts which allow you to store however much you need, for as long as you need. They're also available everywhere, particularly in University cities. For example, you can easily find storage units in London or Manchester. Students who are waiting for the coronavirus storm to blow over should, therefore, invest in storage units for the meantime.


Leaving the Property

Before you can leave your student housing, you need to make sure the accommodation is in good condition, otherwise, you could lose your deposit. You should check that all windows and doors are locked and that the switches or plugs are off. It’s also important to defrost the fridge a day in advance before leaving. It goes without saying that you need to take all your stuff with you, too. Leave nothing behind because letting agents will charge you for the removal of objects, no matter how small. In a similar vein, check the housing inventory to make sure you haven’t taken anything that wasn’t yours to begin with. This is a rule of thumb for leaving student accommodation in general – not just during a pandemic.


Cleaning Everything

It’s essential to clean your student accommodation from top to bottom when moving out. This is more applicable than ever before now we’re living through a global pandemic. Without realising it, you and your housemates could have been infected with the coronavirus. This puts anyone who goes into the accommodation after you at risk, such as letting agents or new tenants (you could also lose your deposit if things are left in a state). So, you must ensure you have cleaned your student housing properly to kill the virus. This includes wiping everything from door handles and light switches to bathroom taps and desk drawers.

These are our top tips for moving out of your student accommodation during the pandemic. When doing so, it’s as important to keep yourself safe as it is your housemates and others.

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