Imagine a college student living in a university dorm. For sure, the image that comes to mind is a messy room full of laundries. Although this imagery might be accurate for some college students, not everyone wants to live a cluttered life. But keep in mind that college life can be hectic. Thus, students living in dorms tend to neglect the state of our dormitory.

You might not realize, though, that if you ignore the state of the place you live in, it can have a physical and mental effect. Thus, it is in your best interest to keep your dorm room clean even if you're busy. You can still clean your dorm room even if you find yourself busy using a few cleaning hacks to make the process faster. To get you started, here are eight dormitory cleaning hacks for active college students. 


1. Use baby wipes for cleaning

Baby wipes are useful for cleaning a lot of things that it’s even great for bringing with you whenever you’re travelling to stay safe and healthy. You can call them anything from baby wipes to wet wipes, but it is still a thick tissue paper that happened to be wet. They’re very efficient and portable as a cleaning tool to use them anywhere in your dorm room.

Since it’s wet, you can use it to wipe away dust around your dorm room. Of course, you can also use it to wipe down spills and messes you create throughout the day. Some wipes can also be for the face to remove any grime or dirt and feel refreshed after.

There are so many ways you can use baby wipes if you have some, so keep a stack or so handy around your dorm room.


2. Always make your bed

Making your bed should always be the first thing you do when you wake up. After all, you will be preoccupied once you leave your bed. Thus, you should try and make your bed once you wake up. On that note, you shouldn’t neglect the state of your bed as much as possible.

Another benefit of making your bed every time is that it helps make your dorm room look cleaner and tidier. Most of the time, dorm rooms are quite small. The bed ends up taking most of the space, so think of it as your centrepiece almost.

If the centrepiece of a place is messy, then everything else will look messy. Aside from that, it can hinder you from having a productive day. On the other hand, you get into the right mindset when you start your day finishing off a task, such as making your bed.


3. Know the many uses of vinegar

You don’t need to get all these different cleaning solutions to have a clean and sanitized dorm room. Since a dorm room is small, every space you have mattered. You don’t want to use it to store all the different cleaning solutions. Instead, you should maximize it so you can store all your belongings.

One of the ways you can keep an all-purpose cleaner is by making your homemade version. To create this homemade solution, you need to familiarize yourself with the product that best serves as an all-around cleaner. One of those is vinegar.

Distilled white vinegar helps sanitize any space, and it helps get rid of any awful odor. You can use it for a variety of items in your home, but make sure that you spot test before proceeding to ensure nothing goes wrong when you use it.


4. Oil your chopping board

If you’re cooking from your dorm room, you should remember to clean your kitchen utensils. One thing you might be forgetting would be the cleanliness of your chopping board. If you have a wooden cutting board, you should pay it some special attention.

You can do that by making sure that you oil your cutting board to help recondition the wood. Use a cotton rag and dip it into olive oil. After that, buff the board with circular motions, so you’re letting the oil seep deeper into the wood. That should help make your wooden cutting board look shiny and new.


5. Clean windows with newspaper

It can be surprising to know that newspapers can be an excellent tool for cleaning windows. This is a cleaning hack that we use at Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services NYC. So instead of using paper towels to clean your windows, you should use old newspapers. Paper towels leave behind lint when you use them to wipe your windows. 

You should use black and white parts of the newspaper when cleaning your windows, so it doesn't leave a mark. Also, when you use newspapers to clean your windows, make sure that you don't use it to clean the window frames. Otherwise, you might find newspaper marks around your window frame. 


6. Use baking soda for carpet stain

Another household item that can help you clean all sorts of parts in your dorm room would be baking soda. It can be a potent cleaning agent, and it will help get rid of all types of dirt because baking soda can be abrasive or paste-like. It’s quite versatile.

One of the ways you can use baking soda is by using it to clean carpet stains. Put baking soda on the offending spot and let it be for a while. After you’ve waited a while, you can sweep or vacuum away the baking soda.


7. Use wax to clean the stovetop

You can use car wax to bring the shine back to your dull kitchen stovetop once again. You first need to clean the stovetop and rid it of the other debris. Once you finish that, you can start applying a thin layer of the car wax and buff the stovetop lightly until it’s looking brand spanking new.


8. Wipe off dust with a coffee filter

Coffee is a college student’s best friend. Some even go above and beyond and make coffee themselves. Instead of using paper towels to dust your place, it’s much better to use coffee filters since they don’t leave behind lint.



Studying is a college student’s priority, but so is becoming a more independent individual. Part of being an independent person is knowing how to manage where you live, even if it is a dorm room. Thus, you should try and get your dorm room clean regardless of if you feel overwhelmed by your workload.

With the help of these cleaning hacks for dormitories, it should be a lot easier to carve out that time to clean even as a busy college student. Try it out and find a much more comfortable dorm room that will help you get through your college life.

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