If you have an idea for a mobile banking app that is similar to Monzo, this post is for you. We are going to review the basics of how to create an app like Monzo, only better! Mobile banking apps are quickly becoming one of the most widely used app types in the world, and user numbers grow each day. Monzo has been a wildly popular mobile banking app across Europe – there has never been a better time to bring another app of this type to the market. 


What Sets Monzo Apart?

Monzo is noted for providing a seamless user experience that is easy to start and offering convenient and easy-to-use features such as budgeting, savings management, loan availability, and a customizable banking experience – among other things. 

If you want to create an app like Monzo, you will want to focus on the following:



Monzo is well known for quick transactions that update balances almost immediately. This way the users don’t have to wait to see how much they have spent or how close they are to achieving their savings goals. This also allows users to keep a close eye on balances so they can quickly identify any suspicious activities.  



It is essential that your banking app provides sufficient security and protection against hacking and fraud attempts. This ensures that the user’s accounts and funds are safe and secure against all threats. 


Easy to Start

The convenience of mobile banking apps is their main selling point. If your banking services are easy to set up, this will set you apart from the traditional experience of filling out paperwork, standing in line, and other mundane steps a user would have to take when establishing an account at a traditional bank. So be sure your app is easy to set up and easy to use.


Free to Use

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional banking is the fees. Banks are well known for tacking on fees for a variety of actions or events. You can make your mobile banking app more attractive by offering free services and not charging commissions for user transactions. This is financially viable for you because you won’t have the overhead of a physical bank branch. 


Getting started

So how do you start the app creation process?

You should start by typing out a brief summary of your app and the features it will offer. What problems does it solve? What makes your app unique? What features will it offer? Answer these questions and then move on to the research. 

It is very important that you do your research before you start the development process. You need to know what similar apps are on the market. Try them out, read customer reviews, and use the information to refine your app concept. Try to fill holes left by competitors. Pay attention to what customers like, and what they hate. Note which interfaces work and which don’t – and why. Don’t skip this step - this information is absolutely invaluable.


Developing the App

Once you have a solid plan in mind for your app, it is time to turn to design and development. Unless you have experience in app development, it is probably time to partner with an experienced app development team. The right team should be able to assist you from initial design to the launch of your new app and also stick around to handle ongoing updates as needed. This is not a short-term relationship, so be sure to pick people you can work with. 

Hopefully, this post has identified the first steps to create an app like Monzo – with any luck, we will see your new app on the market very soon!

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