Writing a Resume as a Student

Finally, you have your college degree: it has been a nice four years in school. So, what is the next step? Time to reap, right? But what do you do when all job applications you find need you to have some level of experience? What you shouldn’t do is panic. 

When looking for work, the first step must be drafting a resume. You do not have to be experienced in your profession to come up with a great resume. Your educational background and personal information will do for now. Know what you want career-wise before you embark on working on your resume. This will help you know what to mention to land you that job.

Tips for Writing a Resume as a Student

Below are some top tips and insights you can use to improve your resume, even without significant job experience. Without further to do, let’s dig right into it. 

1. Work on a convincing summary statement 

The first impression you create to your prospective employer determines if you get the job or not. Think about it: what attracted you to your favorite shoes? Or your good-looking partner? Was it not the first impression made? 

The same goes for your introduction to the paper. As such, it is very important to have a very convincing summary statement that states who you are and what you intend to be professional. This should be in a sentence or two. 

The introductory summary helps the employer know who you are and what you seek to be. It gets them wanting to read more about you: or not! Therefore, it must be precise and easy to understand. 

2. Include everything 

At this stage in life, you haven’t done a lot of stuff that warrants as work experience. Therefore, you ought to include everything you’ve done, be it an internship, voluntary work, or school-related projects. These go a long way in convincing the employer that you have it in you to get things done. 

Don’t leave out anything that helps your image. Most employers are looking for motivated and self-driven people. If you paint yourself as one, your chances of getting a job are high. You will have higher stakes than your equally inexperienced competitors.

3. Do not conform to the norm 

Don’t be the kind of person who does what everyone is doing. Even when drafting this document, opt to stand out by looking for an appealing format to use. Go ahead and hire a graphic designer or seek the best resume writing services online to get a unique, appealing, informative piece. When you stand out, all attention is on you, and you could land the job.

However, be careful not to overdo it. Keep it simple and outstanding; sure enough, this is something you can pull off.

4. Highlight essential academic qualifications and skills

Dwell on what you can do perfectly and the skills you have from school. Most importantly, make sure you write skills that relate directly to the job you are applying for. Don’t include non-essential information. It doesn’t add any value to your application; instead, it bored the reader, and you may miss the seat at the interview table. 

What you write in this document must show why you are best suited for the advertised position. The information included should make you feel like a valuable asset to the employer. Put yourself in their shoes: would you hire you?

5. Be professional 

This should start with the kind of email you use. Before anything else, make sure that your email looks professional. You can even open a new email account for professional purposes. Use your official names, not street names, and nicknames if at all you want to be taken seriously.

Something like or is a no! 

Moreover, ensure that the resume is attached to an official cover letter. You should learn to always include a winning cover letter alongside your resume, even when it is not a requirement. This is because it is more elaborate than your curriculum vitae, and it explains further why you are the perfect fit for the post in question. Let your personality be known.

Final Thoughts 

Getting your career journey started the right way is often nerve-wracking. Nonetheless, you can get it all under control by simply ensuring that your resume is always on point. It is the only way you can charm yourself to the job of your dreams. So, good luck with interviews for your dream jobs!

Make it as hard as possible for the hiring company to ignore you. 

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