Student Accommodation

Do you plan to study abroad? Are you unsure about the housing options near your university? Are you confused about how to choose a student accommodation that’s best for you? You can take a chill pill; we've got you covered.

Living far away from home is a troublesome experience for many due to homesickness. But if you look at it with a different perspective, it's also a rare chance to evolve your personality and skill set. Invest heavily in learning foreign linguistics, cultures, and history. Forge new bonds that might last a lifetime. But before everything, you need to find a home away from home, a residence that multiplies your delight and subtracts your homesickness.

While choosing a proper student accommodation should be the most important step after your university admission process, many of you seem to keep it at a halt until the very end. As a result, you end up panicking and making mistakes while booking your stay.

Nonetheless, discard all worries, as we've listed a few primarily helpful tips to help you make your decision. 


Balance your books.

Student Accommodation

Making a precise budget plan is necessary before you move out to hunt for a student's house. Ensure that the place you selected is economical for you in the long run. Inquire about the nearby market, bars, theaters, and restaurants if you indulge in social gatherings.

Your lifestyle can critically influence your living cost, albeit such expenses seem trivial; still, they compile into a large sum because you'll be staying there for a minimum of two years.

Nevertheless, you can diminish your annual expenditure by leasing a humble private apartment or a shared studio with another roomie.


Look before you book.

Student Accommodation

Before proceeding with all the formalities, take some time to explore your neighborhood and other places near your university. Clock, if the city center is located within a favorable distance from your student room.

Assure the easy availability and accessibility of public transport across the student apartment you're renting. Also, whether there's any hospitals, restaurants, and supermarkets nearby. 

Living close to your university will result in keeping your wallet green as you'll be saving a lot on the daily commute. Analyze the cost of traveling if your student accommodation is fairly distant. 

Furthermore, you shall prioritize living in a secured neighborhood.


Safety. Serenity. Satisfaction.


Living closer to your university would be beneficial, but living in a safe and peaceful locality is imperative. Imagine living beside a murky and raucous neighborhood that never gives you a moment to be at peace with yourself. Dreadful, right? You can evade experiencing this by merely researching the surrounding areas as thoroughly as possible. 

It's crucial to live in a place where you feel secure in all seasons. Utilize your resources and shrewdly research about the accommodation's security services. Nearly all student halls give high-grade security assistance around the day. Enlist multiple accommodations, research until you’re satisfied, and pick the best.




While academics is arguably the most substantial part of a student's life, many would agree- it isn't the only one. Studying in a new country is an exceptional point in any student's life- it grants you an opportunity to explore as much as you want. Spend your time learning new skills, cultures, languages, and sports. Sharpen your communication and socializing skills. 

But to grow, you need a catalyst; you need a prosperous ambiance where you can thrive and evolve into a brand-new variant of yourself. The UK presents you with the exact conditions you need to grow.



Student Accommodation

Student life in the UK is exuberant- with over 170 education establishments across the country. And with the availability of a diverse range of degrees and courses, it's obvious why the UK is a hot stop for education worldwide

You can imbibe the country's rich culture through exploring the various historical museums and art exhibits across the cities or relish the local savories till you're full to the brim. 

The United Kingdom is arguably the best nation in terms of nurturing students. Quality, results, growth, you name it, and you'll get it all in the UK. Overall, there has been an evident increase in the number of students in the United Kingdom- currently lying at the highest registered level since 2013.

In an analysis of the overall student population, 81% are from the UK, 6% are from within the EU, while 13% are from outside. China has been assessed as the largest non-EU country as of now. Compared to the UK's total population, Chinese students accounted for 95,090 in the 2016-17 year, presenting a 13.5% increase since 2013. There has also been a surge in the EU applications in 2018/19- calculated between 5% and 10%. As it stands, the UK education sector has been touted to grow more luxuriant.

Regardless of the city/university you choose, in a country as flourishing, flamboyant, and fervent as the UK, you're assured of having the best time of your life. 


How Can Amberstudent help you?

AmberStudent grants you free assistance in your search for an affordable, safe, and well-maintained student accommodation near your university, to make your academic life more comfortable.

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