Creating a bright text is a kind of magic. At least that's how it looks for an inexperienced writer or a student. However, behind the scenes of this process is a clear understanding of the apps and tools that help to create a successful paper. With the knowledge of these tricks, you can create any text: from several paragraphs to an entire article. 

How to deal with verbal junk? How to develop your own style? How to avoid previous mistakes? And most importantly - how to begin your paper? Today's advice is for every student who wants to learn how to write better using convenient apps.


1. Ginger

This single app contains an advanced grammar, spelling, and punctuation error corrector as well as a synonym finder. When it comes to scientific publications, assignment deadlines, or passing a text task which will be read by competent people, every detail is crucial. Therefore, it's not superfluous to work once again on your writing mistakes, entrusting this case to an electronic proofreader.

But when you are exhausted from paper writing, take a break from it and give your essay over to the research paper writer at least once. You definitely won't regret such a decision as it's going to be one of your best essays in history as a professional will do the best to write worth-noticing papers. 


2. Hemingway

It is named after a writer who was famous for his brevity and simplicity in writing. The main idea of ​​the tool is to help other writers achieve the same. In other words, the app identifies the complexity of sentences and suggests how you could possibly simplify them.

You should write either interestingly or usefully. Otherwise, the outcome is clear: the result of your work will not satisfy anyone. This service is useful to anyone working with text, as you will finally pay attention to overloaded sentences and shorten them, making it easier for readers to perceive the text.


3. SAS Punctuation Rules! 

For those who have trouble with proper punctuation, it is the very first app to start with before writing a paper. You can download it for free and get acquainted with common punctuation rules and examples for each. You will comprehend the importance of using commas and colons as they can change the meaning of the sentence.

Moreover, after a quick look, you can complete the quizzes to check your competence in putting marks into the right places and understanding the sense of a sentence. Don't ignore this app as a lot of students suffer trying to express their voice as they are writing without using correct punctuation.


4. Become a Bank

Word Bank is one of the most useful apps for academic writing! It offers a range of words that can be used in your assignments to shape your papers. Furthermore, you can structure your paragraphs as the app proposes a four-stage plan of building a well-spelled text.

It's worth mentioning that this tool is excellent not only for freshmen or students but actually for all academic levels. Anyway, profs adore this app for helping in introducing students into academic writing reality as well as constructing an academic piece of work. 


5. Grammarly Keyboard 

This mobile keyboard app with a grammar checker will easily identify grammar and spelling mistakes as well as stylistically incorrect sentences that can mislead a reader.

The program integrates with all mobile applications, including any browser, thanks to which you can edit not only instant messages but also any other text as well.


6. Grade Proof

It's the last app for today to help you write with impact and make sentences compelling and clear. Using colorful suggestions, you'll be ready to improve your assignment to its best version. There are different engines that simultaneously check your spelling, grammar, eloquence, and experimental errors.

If there is nothing special in spelling and grammar engines, the eloquence engine looks like something new and interesting as well as an experimental one. The first one will help you make your writing unique and powerful. And the second one will propose to you the latest uncommon options to make your style exceptional. 


Wrapping Up

Writing is a skill that needs time to be developed. But there are tools and services that can help you with that complicated task. They can't do the work for you, though; you still need to write the actual text. However, thanks to the editing apps above, you can stop making punctuational mistakes, shorten your sentences, and even enrich your vocabulary.

Anyway, remember that perfectionism is good, but you risk making the text worse by endlessly editing and supplementing it. So, if you feel that this process has dragged on, stop, re-read the material, and ask yourself if the message is clear. If the answer is yes, round off. There is nothing better than stopping on time.

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