How to make money without a computer

Side hustles are here to stay. Whether you’re bored with your day job but can’t afford to give it up, want to make something out of a hobby or talent, or just need extra income, there are countless ideas of how to earn some money on the side. 

The term side hustle has actually been around for over 70 years, although it’s only in the last 10 years or so that it’s been given a new lease of life in the internet age. In fact, most side gig ideas are based around having a computer and an internet connection as the tools to make a few extra quid or to help you test the entrepreneurial waters.

From setting up a blog to selling second hand gear, making money from paid online surveys or selling your services on Fiverr, when you’re looking for online side hustles the digital world is your oyster provided you don’t mind spending most of your time glued to a screen. But what if you do mind? 

Here are x genius ideas for side gigs that you can do in real life. All it takes is a bit of imagination, initiative and ingenuity to make things happen for you offline and get away from the PC at least for a few hours each week. Here are our top x suggestions.


Exercise for money

The sports & fitness industry is growing massively, so if you’re the sporty type and like meeting people, why not tap into this trend and offer personal training to people who want to be fit but have not time to hit the gym? There are many routes to becoming qualified as a gym instructor, personal trainer, yoga teacher, tennis instructor… Pick your favourite sport and go for it. Or take inspiration from Chuck McCarthy, the original people walker who found a gap in the market and literally stepped into it!


Use your body

Have you got the looks and a body to die for? There are plenty of opportunities to use what God gave you and turn it to your commercial advantage in your spare time. How about freelance modelling for a clothing catalogue or advertising campaigns, or posing for drawing classes at your local arts college? And if it’s fun and games you’re after, here’s an events company looking for charming, polite and well groomed fit guys to work as butlers – all perfectly legit and above board.


Work with pets

Whoever warned people never to work with animals or children clearly didn’t understand the huge joy and rewards that this can bring. Pet sitting and dog walking are growing financial opportunities, helping owners who work, travel or have other commitments that leave them unable to look after their pets. If you love dogs, professional dog walking is a great side hustle, especially if you sit at a computer all day and would like a bit more outdoor exercise in your life. Here’s some useful advice on how to get started.


Working with kids

As for working with kids, there’s a whole range of possibilities to consider to help you put the fun into funding a better lifestyle. There’s babysitting, an old favourite that can be extended to older kids too and doesn’t have to happen at night. How about offering after school care? Or remedial tuition for popular subjects like English, Maths or a foreign language? If you’re musical, perhaps piano singing are lessons are something you could teach? Here’s a cool side hustle idea that uses a passion for animals in an entertaining and educational setting – yep, it’s Party Animals, the reptile roadshow!


Use your own transport

Whether you have a car, bike, scooter or van, it can be a business tool to help you earn money on the side. From man-with-a-van type moving services to food delivery via Deliveroo or Just Eat, set your own schedule and make it work for you. For something a bit different, how about investing in a three-wheeled bike taxi and becoming a part-time pedicabber – perfect for bike-friendly (but car averse) affluent tourist destinations like Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton or London?


Release your inner artist

Do you have a talent for the visual arts that you might be able to monetise? Could you tap into the growing market for pet photography, or pet portraiture, for example? With UK dog and cat owners spending around £11.6 billion every year on their furry friends, there’s sure to be some money to be made. Start by offering your services to friends and relatives, then work up to small work commissions, print greetings cards or sell original works at local art fairs. Take inspiration from this inspiring hobby to business story all the way from Australia.

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