What is more important a hobby or a job?

Students and writers alike need to be fluent in the area of writing. For students, there is the option to use writing companies that aid in the process of getting through the academic assignments. But here, in this article, we’ll look at a slightly different angle of the student’s life - whether it’s better to do a hobby or to work.

I have had experience with many writing projects. Born in Bulgaria I had learned English from a very young age and started doing projects in English, sometimes even more or even harder than the ones I did in my native language, Bulgarian. I have plenty of writing experience and it led me to become fluent in complying pieces of text in both my languages. Writing is a passion for me and I’ve always tried to do as much of it as possible. Since I am also a student, I recognize the need to know how to write a proper text and present your ideas in a compact, coherent manner.


Pros of Hobbies

Hobbies fall all over a broad spectrum. One may find it awesome to spend the day reading while another person may be better off doing sports. Many choose to volunteer during their spare time and help people in various ways. The hobby offers plenty of beneficial features.

First, doing a hobby combats stress. It places you in a calmer state where you can connect with your desires and direct them toward something positive for yourself, and, in some cases, for society. It will make you take some time for yourself to recharge your batteries and connect to the flow of good energy within. It will boost your energy due to the positive impact it has on the mind and the body.

Second, if your hobby has to do with some physical experience, it will lead to better overall health due to the benefits physical activities have on the mind and body.

Also, hobbies are an awesome way to learn new things and develop yourself as a person. For instance, when you are reading, you put yourself through someone else’s, although made-up, story, and go through experiences you may never have to overcome during your course of life but getting to know such experiences makes you grow as a human.

Not to forget that they can boost your imagination. By engaging in creative hobbies one can develop themselves as an artistic person which will certainly be of help if they are going for a career in the arts. Also, should your hobby be more scientific, this can definitely lead to better career options should you strive for such in the field of science.

By taking time for yourself to practice your hobby you detach yourself from the day-to-day struggles of life and make time for your own well-being to strengthen your feelings of positivity and self-fulfillment.


The Pros of Working

Work also gives you many benefits. Some of them are self-explanatory, such as having a paycheck every month (or on every project, should you be a freelancer or should you work in the art area), having health insurance, getting something on your CV for your future career path, having paid leaves, etc.

But did you know that work is also good for your health? Yes, we definitely can exclude some jobs from this statement due to them being connected to exposure to harmful materials or potentially harmful situations. But if you don’t work in such environments, having a sense of belonging to a community of the workspace and thinking better of yourself due to knowing you are capable of performing at a top-level will boost your mental well-being. Of course, the stress of working can do the opposite. So, you will do better if you take care of yourself.

Plus, you are gaining valuable experience. Whether you’ll be working in a fast-food chain, or at a top bank in your area, you shall get plenty of new experiences and knowledge. You’ll understand how to better deal with people in a variety of situations. For instance, if you are a waiter, you shall learn how to avoid potential conflicts with the customers and how to achieve a more pleasurable experience for others. If you are at a high-level IT company, you’ll learn new methods for coding, using technologies, and dealing with a high workload.

Also, if you are working in the field you’re studying in you shall improve your academic performance. Sure, working in such a way may mean doing simply an internship but if the company likes you they may offer you a paid permanent position.

Certainly, we shouldn’t forget that working while studying means less time for your academic and social life but you’ll be better prepared for tomorrow’s challenges and you can get valuable experience that will help you throughout your entire career, whether it be in science, in business, or in other areas.

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