8 reasons to become a personal trainer

If you’re thinking about what to do for your future career, there might not be that many jobs out there that enable you to really do what you love and love what you do, wake up every morning looking forward to the rest of the day, and earn a handsome wage at the same time. 

But if you enjoy keeping fit and staying active, have a keen interest in helping others and enjoy working with people on a one-to-one basis, you might want to consider becoming a personal trainer. Becoming a personal trainer has a lot to offer with options to find employment or start your own business, work in gyms and fitness centres or with your clients in their homes, and enjoy interesting, diverse work with no two days exactly the same. As a personal trainer, you will be working closely with your clients to help them meet their fitness goals whether that be weight loss, recovering from a sports injury or training for a competition or sporting event. Personal training can be very rewarding work with a huge sense of achievement. 

So, what are some of the main benefits of becoming a personal trainer?

Do What You Love:

If working out and keeping fit is one of your biggest passions, training to become a personal trainer will certainly allow you to spend your career doing what you love. If the idea of spending every day for years sitting behind a desk doing a job in something that your heart isn’t really in fills you with dread, you certainly won’t have to worry about this when you become a personal trainer. Take a personal training course and you could get started straight away. 

Enjoy Satisfying Work:

Spending your days working closely with your clients and watching them achieve their fitness goals as a result of the hard work that you are putting in will give you real sense of purpose and achievement. There’s nothing better than being able to help your clients create a positive difference in their lives and put a smile on their faces as they work hard to get the results that they wanted. There’s certainly a lot of positive energy surrounding personal training and it will be hard for you not to feel a huge sense of pride and job satisfaction. 

Improve Your Own Fitness and Health:

Nobody would want to hire a personal trainer who wasn’t fit and healthy themselves,  so working in this job is a sure way to keep yourself motivated to stay in your best shape, too. And what’s even better is that when you take a personal trainer course and qualify, you’ll not only learn the best ways to help your clients meet their fitness goals but will also be able to apply what you learn to yourself, to keep your own health in top shape too. And, staying fit is easier than ever when you get work with your clients, get out there and exercise as part of your job every day. 

Study Options:

If you want to become a personal trainer, there are tons of different ways to get there and meet your career goals. Whether you want to commit to studying full-time throughout the day at a local college or training centre, study at evening and weekend classes so that you get fit getting qualified around your current job, or even study online so that you have full control over when and where you want to study, there is certainly no shortage of options available when it comes to how you get qualified and ready to start as a personal trainer. Most personal training course options are very flexible and come with different choices so that you can find one that suits your lifestyle and commitments best. 

Be Your Own Boss:

Personal training is quite a unique career in that you have the option to either find employment or be your own boss. If you want to start your own business and work on your own terms for your career, personal training is certainly a great option to help you get there. While you can find personal training employment options at gyms and fitness companies, there is also the option to start out from scratch with your own business, and many opportunities to make this happen. You could work as a freelance or self-employed personal trainer based at a gym, open your own gym, operate from your home or offer a mobile personal training service where you travel to your clients’ homes for sessions. Many personal trainers will also supplement their income by providing online materials such as online courses, eBooks or selling products on an eCommerce website.

Excellent Salary Options:

As a personal trainer, there is certainly plenty of opportunities to earn a great salary. And if you decide to take the self-employed route, the more hours that you work, the more you’ll get paid - so how much you earn really is down to you and the amount of work that you put in. As you gain experience and a string of happy clients willing to recommend you to their friends and family members after being able to hit their fitness goals while working with you, you’ll be in a better position to earn even more. 

Enjoy High Demand:

You’ll be glad to hear that the demand for good personal trainers is growing rapidly. More and more people are beginning to understand what a healthy lifestyle looks like and the importance of looking after their health and fitness, and many decide to hire a personal trainer to help them achieve this. Many people want to lead a healthier lifestyle but simply aren’t sure how to get started or make the right decisions for their body, and working with a personal trainer can be one of the best ways to ensure that they are making the right choices for their diet, exercise habits and lifestyles. 

Have Fun:

Finally, working as a personal trainer can certainly be a lot of fun. You’re doing something different every day and working alongside clients who may be working towards a variety of different goals, so there’s certainly very little potential for things to get boring. As a personal trainer, you get to think creatively and come up with new and exciting ways to help your clients continue meeting their goals and encourage them to keep at it when the going gets tough. 

Personal trainers are in higher demand than ever before as an increasing number of people realise just how important it is to look after their health, fitness and wellbeing. If you are passionate about keeping fit and want to help others achieve their health goals on a daily basis, you might want to consider taking advantage of the many different personal training courses available today. Once qualified, you can find employment opportunities or start your own business working directly with clients, with several opportunities to create a career that suits you best. And, personal training comes with a high reward when you get to see your clients achieve what they set out to.

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