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If you love writing, then it’s most likely the question of how to become a copywriter has crossed your mind at some point.  If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place.

Even though the thought of working remotely from your laptop and having a flexible schedule is exciting. Freelance copywriting can sometimes be very hard, especially if you’re just starting.

You might know how to write an introduction for an assignment, but there are millions of other copywriters out there who possess the same skill and more. So how do you compete with them? How do you land that first job in writing service?

Well., don’t fret! This short guide contains tips that can help you with your copywriting journey.


1.   Build your portfolio

Professional copywriting in writing service can sometimes be hard, especially if you don’t have a portfolio.   You need a portfolio that includes both short samples of your work. When you apply for a job, use these samples of your written work.

You can create samples of 300-400 words that target the clients copywriting needs and provides a solid representation of the quality of writing you’re offering. 

While you can make it brief, aim for efficiency and accuracy by exemplifying the qualities your prospective employer desires and include specific word choice to convey your message.

The advantage of using or having a portfolio is that clients can see if your writing sample is in their area of interest before hiring you. 


2.   Set aside an hour daily to find jobs

You don't have to stick to one hour; you can do more than an hour. The key point here is to set aside enough time.

Not all the listing on the writing service platform is worth your time.  You need to be choosy about which gigs you prioritize.

 To land the best jobs in writing service, consider the following:

  • Avoid work-intensive cheap jobs: These jobs will take all of your time but won’t add value; they won’t improve your skills.   If you find an intensive job with low pay, just move on.
  • Don’t just take any client:  Check out the client ratings and reviews.  These will give you a rough idea of how your relationship with the client will be.
  • After completing the assignments, ask for a referral: Your reputation and your ability to land another gig depends on how positive your clients’ reviews and rates are.

Although writing services are great platforms to start, don’t become dependent on them.  Your success depends on how well you diversify your job search.


3.   Learn the market and know how to brand yourself

As a copywriter, you need to possess the ability to keep, attract, and gain new clients through image placement, language, and persuasiveness. If you’re working for a writing service like Writix services, you need to understand the basics of essays UK writing, online report writing, and how to create an introduction for assignment. You also need an impeccable understanding of basic grammar, style, and punctuation.  Since most essays and assignments are evidence-based, you need to possess researching skills and know which are the right vocabulary to use.

Copywriting is all about marketing yourself. Having a powerful brand that includes the tone and style of your writing will set you apart from your competitors and give your business a personality client can relate too.


4.   Practice Learning

Did you learn how to ride a bike from just reading from a book? No! You had to put your feet on some pedals and start riding on your own.  The same goes for copywriting.

While it’s a good idea to read books to familiarize yourself with professional copywriting, at some point, you might have to place your finger on the keyboard. That’s the only way to become a copywriter.

You can start by volunteering. I know it doesn’t sound right. But by volunteering, you can horn your skills and improve your ability to draft masterpiece copies.  You can also rewrite lacklustre copies you find online, just for practice.  


5.   Establish a niche

Becoming a freelance copywriter is quite easier when you draw on your existing skills. Clients believe in what you have already done.  If you can show them the articles or essays you wrote, then they can trust your work.

Therefore, be an expert.  Find the topics you're passionate about and focus on them.  This way, you'll secure more work and have less competition.

Sometimes you might not have formal writing experience. However, you might possess a unique blend of skills and knowledge that could be valuable to writing agencies or to the right client.


6.   Network with other freelancers

Besides searching for new jobs or clients, take your time to search for other copywriters in your niche.  You can also follow key influencers on social media.

Professional copywriters are always happy to answer questions and share advice to beginners. Through them, you can learn how to land your first job and how to navigate the copywriting world.

Also, you can link with writers who cover the topics you’re interested in and read their work. Don’t fear asking for help or tips on how to succeed in copywriting.

Apart from social media, you can also meet professional copywriters in networking events. The events don’t have to be specific to your field of expertise.

 If there’s a copywriting networking event in your city, that could be a great chance to meet experts who might offer you advice or even might need your services.


7.   Don’t make grammar or spelling mistakes

When applying for a job as a copywriter, ensure you’ve checked and re-checked your application for typing errors and basic grammar.   Read it aloud or find a friend to read it before pressing the send button.



Regardless of the field, the key to attaining and maintaining success is the dedication to lifelong learning.  

With the help of these few tips, anyone can find freelance copywriting jobs in writing service.  Now that you know how you can secure a gig, what are you waiting for?




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