While most people would argue that student life is the best time of your life, it’s also one of the most uncertain, busy, and tiring times.

With assignments and the drama of everyday student life taking a toll on your mental health, having a clean and organized space is a welcome refresher. If you’re a university student, chances are your dorm room is as tiny as it gets. And probably equally messy.

So, here are 15 student storage ideas to help you keep at least something straight when you are a student.


1. Keep your desk clean with a mini-shelf.

A desk is the most important aspect of organized student storage. Universities like to unleash a plethora of assignments on students, so chances are your desk is buried under paper right now. You can’t store away all that “important” paperwork in cheap storage units.

So, what do you do? You buy a desktop organizer shelf. It’s essentially a shelf that has been shrunken to fit on your desk, housing books, stationery, and whatnot. And it also looks beautiful


2. Keep your stationary together with a jam jar.

If there’s one thing you’ll always find yourself scrambling for at university, it’s pens and pencils. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to lose stationery, and how annoying it is when you realize it.

For maximum efficiency during your study sessions, it’s important that you have all your stationery together… in a jam jar! It’s cheap student storage and college students love that word. 


3. Mount your desk on the wall.

While a desk is the most important part of student storage, it can take considerable space and make your already cramped room even more cramped. If your dorm room doesn’t already have a desk, and yours is too large, consider giving it to the care of cheap storage units.

As a replacement, try a wall-mounted workspace. These are slender, minimal pieces of furniture that go on your wall and give you adequate working space without being intrusive.


4. Get a bedside caddy to maximize your comfort.

We understand how tiring college can get, so here’s a student storage idea to help you relax a bit more efficiently. Consider this: you come to your room after a long, tiring day and crash on your bed. You now want to read your favourite book but guess what? It’s out of your reach.

If you felt annoyed just reading that, consider getting a bedside caddy. In tiring times, it will serve as tiny, cheap storage units for all your favourite books, gadgets, and diaries!


5. If not a bedside caddy, get a stick-on wall caddy.

Not everyone likes the idea of a bedside caddy because it’s slightly unstable, and during one of those times when you enter your dorm and decide to just jump on your bed, you can potentially damage a gadget or two.

But don’t worry, here’s an alternative to that comfortable student storage idea — a caddy that you can stick on the wall beside your bed. It won’t lead to a broken phone.


6. Combine student storage and style.

Despite the very strait gate that college is, if you’re still the captain of your soul and thinking of getting a dressing table for your dorm room, think again. Not only will it look out of place, but it will also be a waste of space. A dressing table belongs in cheap storage units, not a dorm room.

What does belong in a dorm room, however, is a storage mirror. It goes on your wall and opens up to reveal a space for all the tools you need to spice up your style.


7. Hang your shoe rack on your door.

If you like to sport a different pair of shoes every day, you’re in for a really messy trip trying to keep your shoes organized. If your dorm is too tiny, a floor rack would be downright unfeasible and so would be other conventional student storage ideas for shoes.

To pack the maximum number of shoes in minimum space while not turning things ugly, get a metal shoe rack that goes over your door. The one shown in the picture will fit 18 pairs of shoes.


8. Use a rolling under bed cart for blankets.

Your blankets might be basking in cheap storage units during the summer, but they’ll be on your (small) bed during the winter. If you don’t like blankets sprawling on your bed during the day, keep them in a rolling under bed cart.

The focus here is on the word rolling. If you get a cart that’s too difficult to handle, this will turn into one extremely uncomfortable student storage idea. 

A rolling under bed cart doesn’t necessarily have to house your blankets — during the summers, you can use it to store frequently used items like books, diaries, gadgets, and slippers. This isn’t a bad alternative to our bedside caddy.


9. Pull your shelves to your bed.

Shelves are essential to student storage and college life. Not only do they look pleasing, but they’re extremely useful for the bookaholics out there.

But college dorms are seldom large enough to provide space for your lavish bookshelf. In such a case, consider finding some cheap storage units for your old bookshelf. For your college dorm, add a vertical shelf over your bed. It’s space-efficient and looks beautiful.

This brings us to another important student storage hack — walls. Walls are the most neglected space you have in your dorm, so make sure to use them as much as possible!


10. Keep the wires on your desk organized with clip binders.

Gadgets have become an inalienable part of modern life, and if you are a student, chances are your desk looks like wire spaghetti. So, while you can’t throw away your beloved gadgets in cheap storage units, you can keep them organized and tidy.

Use clip binder clips on your desk, and store the wires of your gadgets in the arms of the clips. This way they’ll stay untangled, organized, and minimally damaged. 

Here’s another desk organization tip and it has to do with your hard drive. If you use an external hard drive and it sits on your desk, you know it looks ugly and is a downright waste of space. To get around this, simply stick up a little hard drive shelf beneath your desk.

A hard drive shelf can also be used for anything else that you want out of sight. Remember, a clean desk is crucial for great study sessions, something you’d always want at college.


11. Extend your closet space by adding hooks to it.

Just like your walls, the back of your closet is another space brutally neglected. You can simply add hooks there to make use of it. Of course, because the hooks will be behind your clothes, you don’t want to hang frequently used items there.

But every college student has bags and purses that they don’t use —   your closet back is a great space to store them after cheap storage units. In fact, anything hang-able can be stored this way!


12. Store your books on invisible shelves.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan and like minimal design, you can capture the feel for both by using invisible bookshelves. The shelf shown in the picture is called the Conceal Book Shelf and it uses thin, inexpensive metal plates to hold up a stack of books.

But an invisible bookshelf would not hold a lot of books. If you have a plethora of books lying around in your dorm, you can use suitcases to store them. 

Suitcases make excellent book storage because they have wheels, which makes carrying heavy books around a breeze. Another good way of keeping your dorm tidy is taking all your unused books, packing them up in a suitcase, and dropping them off at cheap storage units.


13. Kill two birds with a single bed riser.

Bed risers are often found in dorm rooms because they add space under your bed. However, to get the additional benefit of a charging station, get bed risers that function as chargers as well!


14. Hang your bicycle to the roof. 

This is a bit of a stretch but it's incredibly useful if you don’t have a space to park your bicycle. Just like your walls and the back of your closet, your ceiling is another neglected space dying for your attention. There are many DIY tutorials for hanging your bicycle to the roof, so check them out!


15. Find yourself cheap storage units. 

No matter how hard you try, you’ll always find yourself struggling to adjust a thing or two in your tiny room. This is because we all have more stuff than we need. 

For all rarely used items, it’s best to store them in cheap storage units. Self-storage units are basically small (or large) rooms that you can rent for minimal prices to store items that you rarely use. The fewer items you have in your dorm, the easier it is to organize.

And that’s about it, folks! Remember, an organized space will make your student life a lot easier. We hope our student storage ideas will land you an A+ in organization! 


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