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When you start your homework after a long day of classes, you likely battle exhaustion. It’s tempting to take a break and forget about your work, but what if you’re not really tired? Where you study has a major influence on how well you do in school. These tips will show you how to improve your home learning space so passing exams is easier.

If you don’t have a study space at home, you can still use this guide to make one from scratch. Think about what kind of homework you do and how much studying you should complete to decide what type of environment will best support your academic success.


1. Choose an Enjoyable Spot

You may head to the library or another part of campus to finish homework because there are nice places to sit. Instead of perching on a wooden kitchen table for hours on end, your university designed spaces made for hours of reading and writing.

Even if you don't have a home office, you can still choose an enjoyable spot for your learning space. It might be a corner of your couch or a desk under a window. It depends on what you need to complete your work, like a stable surface for writing essays.


2. Make It Comfortable

If you don’t feel relaxed, you won’t be able to focus on your work. You’ll know how to improve your study space at home once you make it more comfortable with accent pieces and furniture. Surround yourself with things you love and warm textures. When your mind’s at ease, you’ll have more energy to devote to your homework because your surroundings make you stressed.


3. Recreate Another Environment

Some people find it challenging to work at home no matter how they decorate it or where they work. If that’s the case for you, recreate another environment. Set up a corner of your living space like your favourite library table or a classroom desk. Surround yourself with books, sticky notes or anything else that reminds you of a study space.

Don’t forget that your environment also relies on routine. You won’t need a budget or interior design skills to prepare your space for learning by establishing a routine. Mimic the same hours you used to devote to classes with a lunch break in the middle of the day. Even waking up at the same time will help your mind quickly prepare to learn at home.


4. Emphasize Natural Lighting

Setting up your study materials by a window will improve your learning automatically. Research shows that studying in sunlight is associated with higher test scores, so open your drapes. Start your next essay or open-book exam while it’s still sunny outside. Your class may become easier all because you changed where you sit.


5. Grow Indoor Plants

Now is the perfect time to start growing indoor plants or invest in a few faux alternatives. People often experience better concentration and memory around plants of any size. You’ll recall information more quickly because the plants are relaxing. It’s one of the best ways you’ll learn how to improve your study space at home.


6. Listen to Ambient Noise

You might struggle to focus while doing classwork at home because of ongoing noises. Roommates chatting or construction work outside will tear your mind away from what you need to learn. Listen to ambient noise playlists to fill your ears with wordless sounds that shift your mind into work mode.


Try New Things

These are just a few ideas about how to improve your home learning space, so try something new. Use your headphones or create a routine to do better in university without stepping foot in a classroom.


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