Marketing is a process wherein you promote specific products and services to customers. It is like convincing them to buy from you instead of your competitors. 

If you're the type of person who loves looking for creative ways to sell to your target audience, then a marketing degree might be right for you.

For one, marketing majors have developed a wide range of knowledge and skills applicable to various industries. Because who in their right mind would not want to promote their company?

That's why, if you're thinking about what career options you'll have after graduation, you've come to the right place. 

Here are the seven best examples of career opportunities marketing majors can have after graduation:


1. Brand Manager

A brand manager oversees almost all aspects of marketing a product or service. 

As a marketing major, you have a background in advertising, marketing research, and product development needed in this role. Excellent analytical skills are also necessary to evaluate current customer trends.

Mind you, marketing agencies like VoyMedia Marketing Agency NYC value strong analytical skills. That's because analyses allow you to make informed decisions when directing other departments.

Excellent persuasive and presentation skills are also crucial for pitching budgets or other product proposals to its executives. 


2. Digital Marketer

Digital marketing usually involves promoting a product or service through various online channels. This includes a client's website, email platform, and social media channels. 

The most common marketing tactic applied here is the push-and-pull strategy, wherein you target customers directly and indirectly.

By taking on a digital marketer's role, you'll involve yourself in developing the organization's multi-channel promotional strategies. "You may also need a data analyst, a graphic designer, a content specialist, and other professionals on your team."

By taking on a digital marketer's role, you'll involve yourself in developing the organization's multi-channel promotional strategies. 

You may also work in various areas and specialize in a few. This would, of course, depend on the size, as well as your employer's requirements.


3. Public Relations Specialist

As a public relations specialist, most of your daily duties usually involve responding to requests for information from the media. This includes choosing the appropriate spokesperson or source of information. 

It also involves various objectives and promotional policies an organization might have to develop public relations strategies. That's because such policies and processes can impact a brand's public perception and sales. 

Finally, it will also require a lot of developing communication plans. And these communications should help improve a company's public image.


4. Marketing Copywriter

People consumer online and offline. This explains why there is an increasing demand for compelling marketing copy. These are marketing message that is relevant to a particular target audience.

To excel in this particular field, strong writing skills are necessary. However, being a great marketing copywriter isn't just being a great writer or having perfect grammar. It would help if you also had a solid understanding of the behaviour of consumers. 

That way, you'll be successful in writing something that will effectively sell your company's products or services.

With strong demand for creating highly compelling and unique online content, it's also possible for you to be a copywriter. You even have the option to work freelance or in-house.

Regardless, you get to create marketing campaigns in print, digital, or media. 


5. Social Media Manager

More and more brands and businesses these days placed an increased emphasis on online marketing. 

Social media managers help boost a company's online presence through social media platforms. This job is ideal for those who are creative and has strong writing skills.

Social media managers to have to tap into their teamwork skills to work collaboratively with colleagues. They should also possess the ability to coax cooperation from people in their team to help deliver a successful outcome or project. 


6. Demand Generation Manager

A demand generation manager is often a multi-faceted role. This is usually about "generating a demand" for the product or service of an organization. It doesn't matter whether this is geared to individuals (B2C) or towards other businesses (B2B).

A demand generation manager's responsibilities may include driving in leads to a new campaign and building buzz around a product through influencer marketing. 

This may also involve developing loyalty programs with first-time customers. That's because loyalty programs can lead to repeat business. 


7. Freelance Marketing Consultant

You can take another career path if you want to live a more flexible lifestyle. And we are talking about working within the comforts of your home and having the freedom to choose when to work. 

You can first test the waters by building a freelancer profile on a platform such as Upwork. This allows you to build relationships with multiple clients, depending on your time management skills and expertise. 

Note that your earning potential as a freelancer will largely depend on various factors. This includes setting up an online portfolio and cultivating client relationships. 

There is no doubt that having a marketing degree will take you far, as it can lead you to careers such as entrepreneurship, business, and more. Hence, we encourage you to explore the possibilities of working as a marketing professional.

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