Despite how fun and life-changing academia may be, managing student life is no small task. The sheer number of activities ranging from projects and courses to essays and research papers can often feel overwhelming. 

This is where a professional personal organization tool such as Trello can come in handy. By using Trello, you can effectively transform the way you manage your student life, whether you’re in high school or university. Let’s discuss what Trello is and how you can use it to your advantage in the following segments.


What’s Trello All About?

Let’s start with Trello itself – what’s it about? Trello is a cloud-based list-making tool based around Kanban boards. It is a visuals-based tool that doesn’t require any prior knowledge or experience to be used properly. Trello features Kanban boards Excel Template as well as cards as its primary data format, and students can use these to take notes, brainstorm, ideate projects, and organize their time. It is a great tool to use when you are sending big files.  

What else can you do through Trello in order to make your student life even easier?


Create Templates for Different Courses/Projects

You can streamline a lot of your student activities through Trello and its templates. Templates can automate commonly-used features and allow you to create new boards and cards with a single click. Alison Lee, an editor at says, “As a student, you can create templates for various courses and writing projects so that you can gather notes and references more quickly. Trello features a plethora of custom-made templates, so you can also find the ones you like without having to worry about creating them by hand.”


Search & Organize your Sources

Searching for the right resources, papers, and notes to include in your student projects is part of what makes time management difficult for students. However, you can use Trello to streamline the search process and conduct keyword research to find what you are looking for faster. In tandem with a tool such as SEM Rush, you can use Trello to create a list of keywords related to your project. Simply go back and forth between your SEO tool, a search engine such as Google and Trello, where you will keep the discovered research materials. Once you’re done, you can export your Trello cards to Excel and continue working on your research paper, essay, or case study quickly.


Interconnect your Study Materials

If you’ve ever used Pinterest, you will feel right at home with Trello cards. Trello cards represent files or data which you have uploaded to your profile and can be interconnected based on theme or topic. This makes it extremely easy to upload various files, images, and notes during the day and connect them to relevant subjects or projects. Thanks to its intuitive UI, you will never lose sight of a card, and you can add comments or pin the most important ones easily. Trello cards can also be used in a team environment, so you can collaborate with other students on different projects through invites.


Take Advantage of Automation

Trello features an automation tool in the form of Butler, an AI algorithm which can assist you in file organization and time management. Trello Butler can be set to do various things for you in order to fast-track your work and make learning a smoother experience. You can set custom rules which trigger Trello Butler to pitch in or set the calendar so that it does things while you are away. For example, you can collect images, videos, and written content without organizing it by hand and leave Trello Butler to do it for you instead. Make sure to play around with its features list to figure out the best ways in which it can help make your student life easier.


Utilize Curated Boards

Given its variety of users, the platform has made it its mission to offer a wide range of custom-built tools aimed at personal productivity. Custom Trello boards published as official extensions can be extremely helpful for students in need of additional features. Trello power-ups aimed at file management should also find their way into your toolset, given how much you’ll work with project files and resources. These can range from rudimentary personal productivity tools to weekly review and mind map extensions designed for specific purposes. If base Trello doesn’t feature a specific function you need for your studies, one of their power-ups is bound to cover your needs.


Making your Student Life Easier (Conclusion)

With the abundance of student obligations already present, time and file management can easily be handled through a dedicated platform such as Trello. Check out the platform and its features list, as well as the extensive number of additional tools you can integrate into it. Whatever your projects may consist of, Trello will undoubtedly be able to assist you in making your student life easier the longer you use it.

Linda Ferguson started her career in a local company as a content writer 5 years ago. Linda has always been passionate about academia and writing. Besides her busy work schedule, she manages to find time for attending conferences that keep her up to date with the latest news in the industry.

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